The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Morals Come From Religion Left Wingers Want The STATE to replace Religion: The morally bankrupting influence of the Liberal party by Carson Jerema Reviewed – June 30, 2022,

Before there was government there were tribes, and the evolution of tribes in many ways was RELIGION, imagining an entity larger than yourself, worthy of changing your life for the better. In Communist China as an example, Religion poses a serious threat to the Chinese Communist Party, why? Because religious beliefs superseded government control.

There are a lot of RELIGIOUS people who would rather DIE than sell their souls to men and women of government or people of authority. a dedication to destroying the State can be extremely problematic for a government, one of the major problems you’ll see in poverty-stricken countries is a REFUSAL to work, which is not necessarily a religious problem, but a MORAL problem.

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If there is no God, why should I work hard? What’s in it for me? if there’s no Christian God and we’re simply here on earth doing whatever, why shouldn’t I break the law? Why shouldn’t I lie, cheat or steal? Sell me on why I should become a better person if there’s no God? I always find it weird when people attempt to make MORAL debates when a country starts leaning more to the Left side of the political spectrum.

One of the main reasons people DUMP religion and join the secular society is because they don’t want to be forced to adhere to ANY morals. They want to be LIBERATED from the Church. The Classical Liberals won the debate of separating church from state, now when the CLASSICAL Liberals won that debate, people smart enough to understand the IMPORTANCE religion had on building the nation we know today, may have dumped the church, but they didn’t dump the MORALS of the church.

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Well, you see once you emancipate yourself from the church, you can’t expect that others who do the same as you, won’t start condemning the church and its MORALS outright. Left Wingers seek to replace the Church with the STATE, they have to, that’s why those of us who OPPOSE Big Government see the writing on the wall.

Left Wingers care nothing about MORALS, they’re in the NARRATIVE business, and they seek to control the prevailing narrative, which is why Western Conservatives obey laws that are derived from Christian beliefs and Left Wingers want to use DEMOCRACY to change the law. Democracy is a form of POPULARITY, and if the Left Wingers can even make TYRANNY popular, they can change the laws to adhere to their way of thinking.

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The Left-wing government seeks to control the narrative on abortion, which whether you like it or not is a form of MURDER. If you don’t like calling abortion murder, it’s because you think the STATE should be the God of man and define for ALL of PEOPLEKIND the redefinition of murder. A woman has a right to choose to kill what’s inside her PROPERTY.

a woman’s body is her property and she doesn’t like some occupant growing in her body, so she can kill it, you know similar to me visiting the home you own and maybe you don’t like that I’m in your space and you kill me, because you felt like it. Now, it’s the same thing but if the government can redefine the INTENT, then abortion becomes a loophole.

Because if you and I are in a car I’m driving and because I was drunk, I crash the car, I survive, you’re killed, my INTENT wasn’t to kill you, so I would be charged with at most with manslaughter. My intent wasn’t to kill you I was merely being irresponsible and you were the casualty.

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Now, after I kill you because of my own negligence, I have to live with myself, which could be difficult, because I killed someone, and only because of the laws of the land, I’m NOT charged with MURDER. One simple law could change that, suppose the intent is removed or redefined by the courts, and drinking and driving deaths equate to First-degree murder? What’s that, you think it can’t happen? Suppose it becomes POPULAR?

Abortion is the Left Wingers redefining murder for their own purposes, and you have to ask the question, where does it end? In certain parts of America, they want abortion to go as far as 9 months, now, for people like me, I know this has to do with ORGAN HARVESTING, but for some Leftists, they’re in love with the idea of abortion for any reason they want.

Because they imagine that anything growing inside of a woman’s body is her PROPERTY, and if presented with the right argument, I’m certain there will be some pro-abortion people who will seek to PROFIT from abortion because organ harvesting is big business.

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If someone immoral makes the argument that abortions can save lives, because a 9-month-old unborn baby that the mother doesn’t want, has organs that other children or adults need? Where’s the moral argument AGAINST that if you’re a Leftist?

Justin Trudeau is a figure in Canadian history that should NOT be ignored, he represents decaying morale, and he is the manifestation of morality on the decline. Furthermore, it’s not like Canadians didn’t see him coming, it’s not like they haven’t seen racist images of him, but yet and still he has strong support? This strong support is not coming from the moral side of Canadians?

Justin Trudeau has strong POLITICAL support, he has democratic support, by Christian morality standards, Justin Trudeau in many ways has the support of the DEVIL😈 a CATHOLIC fighting for abortion rights? When referring to Justin Trudeau can we at least say Feminist first, religion second? feminism is a political movement? Feminsit sek to overthrow the patriarchy.

Patriarchy refers to the male domination both in public and private spheres. Feminists mainly use the term ‘patriarchy’ to describe the power relationship between men and women.

Have FEMINISTS ever built a great nation? So far they haven’t but yet they’d like to overthrow existing Western nations, which are built on morals mostly created by MEN. So when anyone uses the word moral, they’d better be careful, because the entire plan for Left Wingers is to BANKRUPT morality, and if you’re planning is to RESTORE morality, what Progressive idea would you like to get rid of first? and where does it end!

Carson Jerema: The morally bankrupting influence of the Liberal party |

Interesting times ahead!