More Niche Review

I have to be honest and say More Niche is by far the best health based affiliate program i have ever joined. The reason is simple their websites convert. Not only that you get a lifetime cookie once you bring a customer to one of your more niche websites. This HUGE!!!

If you are an affiliate like me one thing you know is that people like to screw you out of commissions this is the main reason why i personally don’t fault affiliate marketers who promote scams. Now i don’t agree with it but usually theres a reason why people do things. As an affiliate marketer myself i will admit i get upset at times knowing people are purposely trying to remove my affiliate link when they go to page i told them about.

That being said solved this problem by adding lifetime cookies and not only that they also have promo codes so if a person calls one of the toll free numbers through your affiliate website you still get credited for the sale. Depending on your volume you will probably get a lot of sales that way.

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More Niche Scam

is a scam do they pay? Every affiliate marketer in the health niche knows its in the best interest of the health affiliate program to pay its affiliates, Why because if they don’t we will bash them to kingdom come so to answer your question is more niche a scam the answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The better question is does More Niche Pay its affiliates? The answer is Yes and they do so in a very timely manner. Below is some information on how More Niche pays its members this information can also be found on their website.


Periods and Payout Dates
Each month has two periods: 1 – 15th, and from 16th – till the last day of the given month.

For first period (1st-15th) your payment will be issued on same month’s 26th.

For second period (starting on 16th each month) payments will be issued on the next month’s 10th.


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More Niche Affiliates & More Niche Free Hosting

The more niche affiliates are all very nice and come from all parts of the world the. More Niche does not discriminate against anyone so as an affiliate you can focus on getting those sales. Another thing i want to point out is More Niche also offers free hosting for its affiliates all you would have to do is purchase the domain name. and this brings me to my next point.

More Niche Free Hosting and Free Review Websites

When you become a member of more niche not only can you get free web hosting you can all get free review websites, if you are promoting a weight loss supplement for example most of them will have ready made review websites and not only that their will be ready made articles. So in a few minutes you can have a campaign up and ready. From personal experience i will tell you these review websites convert well and work great if you target you keywords correctly in the Pay Per Click markets.

Also remember that at more niche you also have your lifetime cookie. So if a customer goes to a more niche website via your link and then makes their purchase a few month’s or even years later you still get credited for the sale.

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My Final Thought on

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for quite sometime now and i have to be honest and say that is one of the best health affiliate networks on the web. There are others good ones but most are hard to get in and even when you do get in they usually want you to promote scammy products.

When you promote scammy products you get more refund requests which means 20 sales can turn into 2 sales over night. Also promoting scammy products means you have to buy more domain names because once people catch onto the scam they will come after you.

More Niche only promotes quality products not only that they provide customers with useful tips and information so you as the affiliate can not go wrong and can not be blamed for anything. More niche is legit and so are their products If you are looking to join me in the Health niche click the link below to become a more niche affiliate over 90% of all applications are approved.

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