More signs of Economic DEFLATION coming to Canada: New Government REGULATION enforced “Unvaccinated pro athletes no longer able to enter Canada as of January 15, 2022” – November 20, 2021,

The perfect storm is brewing, for economic collapse worldwide and it’s currently being hidden by governments having the ability to borrow FIAT currency, which they imagine shelters them from economic ruin, but the regulations on the Canadian economy are piling up and as you can see with failing infrastructure in British Columbia, the lack of productivity in Canada appears to show signs of wear and tear.

I personally do not measure my wealth in fiat dollars, regardless if there’s a demand for it, but a do pay attention to Canada’s debt, debt levels, and how money is being spent. So, banning unvaccinated athletes from entering Canada isn’t that big of a deal, until you understand that the message the Canadian government is trying to send, which is that they believe corporate vaccines are the only way to combat the virus.

This is a regulation and you can see, how the governments tentacles into every aspect of Canadian life is going to damage the Canadian economy because like it or not a lot of productive people aren’t going to comply and we can all see that this ever-mutating COVID-19 virus, is going to lead to something like a flu shot.

The fully vaccinated Ottawa Senetaers PROFESSIONAL hockey team caught the virus, which obviously means that either the virus mutations make the vaccinations null and void or maybe the testing is wrong? But we’re not even allowed to look into what’s going on, instead, the government looks to make regulations, or double down on its stupidity

Fully vaccinated NHL team in Ottawa forced to cancel games due to COVID outbreak |

From an economics standpoint, this is a regulation on society, it’s really that simple, and more regulations equate to economic deflation and the only way to stop economic deflation is for the federal government to borrow more money, which causes price inflation. Now, even if price inflation is prevented, the problem with borrowing money to stimulate the economy is that it leads to malinvestments, not only is it harder to be employed in this country because of regulations, but it will also be harder to bring MONEY into the country because of regulations.

You have to remember that when these professional athletes come to Canada, they pay taxes, so the sports arenas are overly regulated, and now the athletes or overly regulated, this is only one segment of the Canadian economy, that might experience economic deflation, based on all of these new regulations.

Unvaccinated pro athletes no longer able to enter Canada as of Jan. 15, says minister |

Interesting times ahead!