Most RAPE victims hold grudges, Is Canada headed for economic collapse: Mandatory vaccinations coming to Canada, says Tyrant Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos “My body, My choice”- January 7, 2022,

First and foremost I’m not entirely sure what Jean-Yves Duclos means when he says “mandatory vaccinations”, will Gestapo show up to your front door with a needle and demand your vaccination status? Will Canada’s dwindling health care workforce agree to this? Will Canadian law enforcement enforce, this? I’m not sure. The Welfare State along with atheism is a terrible combination as it has a history of leading to outright tyranny.

Most rape victims hold grudges, and when you force anyone to do something against their will, they might decide to sabotage you in whatever options they have available at their disposal. In Islamic countries, a lot of people are sympathetic if terrorists, because they’ve watched their families killed by people they considered tyrannical, and whatever revenge they could get they were okay with.

Personally, I’m okay with Quebec leaving the Federation, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea of Quebec leaving Canada because a lot of these tyrannical ideas come from Quebecers, who love them some welfare. Whether it’s controlling the internet or now the government forcing people to get vaccinated Quebecers and their bad ideas, continue to fail. You have to remember Quebec as an independent nation is a disaster, they can’t pay their bills now, imagine their economy if they could steal money from Western Canada.

The idiot Quebec politicians drew a line in the sand and the health care professionals began quitting in droves, so what these morons are doing now is they going to the Federal government to get people back to work, because the truth of the matter is we’re headed for austerity measures. The last thing any idiot leftist wants is to be forced to cut government spending.

What this comes down to is that they’re trying to force people back into the workforce because the Canadian economy is on the verge of collapse and as I’ve written in the past I DON’T CARE about money, I’ve stated over and over again that I’m against a Gold Standard because a Gold Standard won’t change stupid. . Socrates wrote about the flaws of democracy centuries ago, and here we are, populism has led to people wanting the government to force vaccinations on Canadians?


Now, some Left and Right-wingers like populism, I’ve always hated it, I didn’t even like it when Maxime Bernier considered himself a populist, democracy is mob rule, majority rule and the majority of Canadians want something for nothing. We’re in a place now where a piece of shit named Jean-Yves Duclos feels like there’s nothing wrong with mandatory vaccinations?

Now, if let’s say covid was as deadly as ebola, it’s unlikely government would need to convince Canadians to get vaccinated, but, for the most part, covid has been about propaganda, because of big tech censorship and the media being in the liberal’s back pockets, people have been playing with kid gloves on this covid-19 topic, but you see where that’s led?

Mandatory vaccinations coming to Canada, says Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos |

Anyway, sometimes, civilizations have to learn things the hard way. Lately, I’ve been bumping into a lot of angry Canadians, you saw a preview of the anger during Trudeau’s re-election campaign, Erin O’Toole is gutless and lost a lot of seats, because he sounds like a tyrant and at the very least Canadians have become accustomed to Trudeau’s tyranny, Erin O’Toole’s tyranny might be more sinister and therefore Trudeau, beat O’Toole easily but Trudeau again lost the popular vote.

I bring this up because Jean-Yves Duclos is playing with fire, Trudeau isn’t that popular, and tyrannical provinces lost the battle the last time they tried to force Canadian workers, to do something they didn’t want to do and now Jean-Yves Duclos deems it wise to turn the temperature up on this topic? Sure whatever Jean-Yves Duclos do what you need to do.

My opinion is forcing adults to do something they don’t want to do has consequences, what are those consequences? I don’t know, but if Jean-Yves Duclos and Justin Trudeau push forward with this silliness, they might see a side of Canadians they’ve never seen before.

Provinces could make vaccination mandatory, says federal health minister |

Interesting times ahead!