Signing up for this program in my opinion is wrong on so many levels. Where do i begin. first of all I do internet marketing full time and any and every real internet marketer will tell you the hardest industry to make money from online is the Financial service industry. i’m not saying you can’t make money selling credit cards but you will have to work very hard to do so.

My Credit Card Cash Reviewed

First off i hope you understand that if you signing up for my credit card cash that you will be getting a trial offer. Also I do hope you understand that after your 14 day trial offer that you will be charged $39.95 per month. If you only have $39.95 left to your name this is the wrong company to join and this is the wrong way to make money.

When getting into a business venture like this one it’s important to note that mostly likely you will have to invest some extra money on top of your $39.95 per month investment to get your credit card website off the ground. Remember by signing up for you are actually starting your own business. As we all know in order to get a business off to a good start you will need to advertise & market to get you business off the ground. Online businesses are very much like traditional businesses except for the fact that with online businesses are allot cheaper to start and to maintain.

On that note if $39.95 per month is allot of money to swallow every month then don’t get involved with until you are in a better financial situation. There are quite a few hundred people using the websites to make money online. To get an idea of what i mean type ‘credit card review site’ in google or yahoo and you will see what i mean.

But you must understand most of the people that have been successful using had capital to start up with and also learned the differnet techniques to drive targeted traffic to their website. Also many of these online small business owners also hired SEO experts to get their websites listed in the major search engines under targeted search terms related to the credit cards they have available.

I am not saying this to discourage you i am telling you this to be straight forward with you. If you hope to be successful with you must have some extra money to invest, you will need to find a way to market your online credit card business and you will also have to be patient because unless you plan on using Pay Per Click marketing to market your business it’s going to take sometime for your online business to take off. Scam Complaints in itself is a small business i suspect the owners of this operation also have other online businesses so again if all you have is $39.95 to your name or on your credit card DO NOT sign up for this should be a no brainer but at the same time i understand many of you are in desperate need of money and will try anything.

If the price tag on MyCreditCardCash is to expensive i highly recommend you click here for a much cheaper alternative to making money online

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