My Personal Research Suggests The People’s Party of Canada and Pierre Poilievre Might Cut The NDP Federal Votes in Half – August 4, 2022,

Joe Biden is currently polling below 40% in the United States, but Justin Trudeau couldn’t even get 33% of votes in the 2021 election, an election by the way he called after engaging in MASSIVE vote buying. A large chunk of Canadians, like Left Wing Partys and so Jagemet in the 2021 election saw a slight bump in popularity, but then Jagmeet made a tactical error, basically becoming Justin Trudeau’s lapdog.

Justin Trudeau in 2022 is governing the country as if he had a majority, and if you’re an NDP supporter, that has to irritate you because why would you waste your vote on Jagmeet if he was going to give your vote to Justin Trudeau? As the climate change hoax gets exposed and the cost of living goes up, some people are beginning to wake up to what’s going on.

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I even know some environmentalists who believe in man-made climate change; however, disagree with how their movement is being stolen from them by oligarch elites looking to monopolize. Why Jagmeet Singh should be paying close attention to what’s happening is that he and Justin Trudeau might find themselves in the same situation we’re currently seeing in Ontario.


Doug Ford recently won in a landslide in Ontario, not because he was liked but because Ontarians currently hate the Provincial Liberals and the NDP! Low voter turnout led to Doug Ford’s victory, and low voter turnout is NOT a problem for the FEDERAL Conservative Party of Canada, who beat Trudeau with the popular vote two times in a row with two very weak candidates.

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Currently, Pierre Poilievre is VERY popular, meaning that at the very least, Pierre Poilievre is going to beat Justin Trudeau for the popular vote, but what Jagmeet Singh should be paying attention to is what’s happening to his popularity; he’s basically Justin Trudeau’s tool, this merger benefits Justin Trudeau and has to make NDP supports ask themselves, what good is a vote for the NDP if they’re vote is going to Liberals?

If Left-wingers in Canada feel threatened by the Conservatives winning a majority, they might dump the NDP and vote for the Liberals in the coming election, but the NDP also has another problem; it appears both the People’s Party of Canada and the Pierre Poilievre led Conservative Party of Canada might be taking young voters away from the NDP.

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So the NDP, in an upcoming election, could find themselves bleeding votes to the Liberals, the People’s Party of Canada, and the Pierre Poilievre-led Conservative Party of Canada. A reminder that Pierre Poilievre supports supply management. If you listen to Pierre Poilievre, he’s basically returning Canada to the Stephen Harper era.

Love him or hate him, consumer price inflation was the problem it is now under Stephen Harper. The NDP was formed as a Left-wing alternative to the Liberals. Well, under Jagmet Singh, that rebelliousness linked to the New Democratic Party is gone, and the alternative has become the People’s Party of Canada, which is very attractive to young voters who don’t want to be part of the mainstream Party establishment.

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If you ask me, I’d argue the People’s Party of Canada is the future of politics in Canada, especially for young voters. If I were leading the PPC, I would aim to take NDP supporters, especially the young ones; the older NDP supporters would be a tough task, but the young ones, I’d argue, should be the prime targets for PPC because what benefit do young people get for supporting the NDP?

Higher taxes? More regulations? a Nanny State? Higher Rents? Higher travel Costs? What’s the benefit for a young person who votes for the NDP? I can’t think of any. Now, if you’re 50+, I can see why you’d vote to grow the welfare state because you’re trying to secure your retirement off the backs of the young, but the younger NDP voters should be the main target for the People’s Party of Canada.

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Wherever the NDP gets young supporters is where I’d focus my attention if I were the PPC, who, by the way, continue to draw in people from all segments of society. Pierre Poilievre being part of an establishment Party, only has so long before his popularity wanes, whereas the PPC should be thinking long term, the PPC could take what will inevitably be disgruntled Pierre Poilievre supporters, and they could focus on taking NDP voters.

Either way, the NDP could find itself losing a lot of support in the upcoming months or years because for an example, because of the NDP’s undying support for Justin Trudeau, any economic Liberal downturn will be shared by the NDP.

Sabrina Maddeaux: Pierre Poilievre is eating Jagmeet Singh’s lunch |

Interesting times ahead!