My Theory As To Why Ontario Premier Doug Ford INITIALLY will NOT testify against Justin Trudeau’s RECKLESS use of the Emergencies Act (The Politics of bipartisanship) – October 26, 2022,



When I do my investigations regarding Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act, all the evidence appears to point to Justin Trudeau wanting to find the FASTEST solution to REMOVING/Towing the TRUCKS in downtown Ottawa, and I notice most people want to make it sound more complicated than that, but based on my research that appears to be the MAIN reason the Prime Minister ILLEGALLY invoked the Emergencies Act and this THEORY of mine, plays right into why Doug Ford DOES NOT want to testify against Justin Trudeau.

First and foremost, people tend to forget that Doug Ford was getting the situation under control; however, Doug Ford could NOT move at the speed the Emergencies Act allowed. A state of emergency doesn’t allow Doug Ford to STRIP people of their liberties and freedoms, however, it did allow Doug Ford to apply pressure, to SQUEEZE out the Protestors

“Today, I am using my authority as premier of Ontario to declare a state of emergency in our province,” Ford said on Friday morning.

“And I will convene cabinet to use legal authorities to urgently enact orders that will make crystal clear it is illegal and punishable to block and impede the movement of goods, people and services along critical infrastructure.”

Premier Doug Ford declares state of emergency amid protests at land border and in Ottawa |


I like to point out that Ottawa Police, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police(OPP), could have ARRESTED protestors anytime they felt like it; however, what Doug Ford couldn’t do was FORCE the IMMEDIATE removal of Trucks in Downtown Ottawa. Tow Truck driver companies could protest, stop answering calls(something they were already doing), or drag their feet. This is extremely important to understand in all of this because it represented the fact that protests in Downtown Ottawa could start up again.

Furthermore, FINANCING for the Freedom Convoy could continue; this again is something people ignore about the Emergencies Act; when Trudeau froze bank accounts, it made the ENTIRE PLANET say, “WOW!” but this was a power that Doug Ford’s state of emergency could NOT do, meaning that potentially from the mind of Trudeau, this could equate to the Freedom Convoy continuing.

Now, as you’ll find out by reading the article, I point to below. Doug Ford stated that “tripartite” which was a meeting between Doug Ford, the City of Ottawa and the federal government was a WASTE OF TIME from Doug Ford’s perspective.

The commission wants to know why the province declined an invitation to be part of a “tripartite” meeting with the City of Ottawa and the federal government on how to solve the weeks-long occupation by the Freedom Convoy.

“The evidence so far is that Premier Ford told Mayor Watson the table was waste of time. Why?” commission lawyer Gabriel Poliquin wrote in an email to Darrell Kloeze, a Crown attorney with the province.

“The other levels of government don’t seem to think so. What is Ontario’s point of view?”

‘Irreparable harm will occur’ if Doug Ford testifies at inquiry, Ford’s lawyers say |

Now, why would Doug Ford imagine “tripartite” being a waste of time? Well, this, for me, is where things become a bit sketchy, but I lean more towards Doug Ford simply imagining that arresting everyone would solve the problem. I like to point out that Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Police could have arrested the protestors ANYTIME they felt like it; this is NOT the first protest the police have dealt with, sure it would have been UGLY, and I’m sure Doug Ford likely wanted Ottawa police to handle it, but arresting people or even SENDING A MESSAGE to the protestors could have been done.

But why this was done in a delicate matter by Ford is because some of the protestors brought their children, so it’s not like Ford, or the Mayor of Ottawa could have gotten out the tear gas guns and started putting boots to asses. You also have to remember that Justin Trudeau put the mayor and the Premier in a bad position by name-calling the protestors and then expecting Mayor Jim Watson and Premier Ford to solve the problem for him.

I remind the reader Doug Ford won RE-ELECTION in June, and the freedom convoy happened in February; people tend to forget Doug Ford was in CAMPAIGN MODE! Ontario is a Left-Leaning province, and Doug Ford did not want any part in making his brand of politics look bad. During the entirety of the protests, Doug Ford’s CAMPAIGN position was that he was trying to PROTECT JOBS!

I’ve praised Doug Ford in several posts, arguing that Doug Ford shouldn’t be trying to appease people like more or the Far Left crowd; he should do what “Progressive” Conservatives are supposed to do and concentrate on the ECONOMY. When I observe Doug Ford’s actions released by the press, everything appears consistent with the man I imagine Doug Ford to be.

Ok, so Why Is Doug Ford appearing to Protect Justin Trudeau? What is there to gain for him?

The last thing Doug Ford wants to do is appear HOSTILE towards Justin Trudeau; why? Well, first and foremost, Justin Trudeau has been a THORN on Doug Ford’s side, most of Ontario’s economic hardships are linked DIRECTLY to Justin Trudeau’s CARBON TAX, something that Doug Ford has to live with. Maybe the courts handling the Emergencies Act case are fair and balanced. Still, all the evidence suggests the courts lean more to the political LEFT, meaning that if Doug Ford is forced to testify and tell his side of the story, it still won’t make a difference in the outcome; however, he(Ford) could be seen as a HOSTILE actor towards the current Prime Minister of Canada, especially if Doug Ford says in a nutshell that he thought “The emergencies Act” wasn’t necessary, but supported it anyway because after all, it did help Ford to AVOID getting his hands dirty.

Doug Ford blasts “bunch of yahoos” who attended large house party
| GlobalNews

The problem would, ofcourse, become the DETAILS of why Ford didn’t want the Emergencies Act; this, in my opinion, is where ‘Irreparable harm will occur’ to Justin Trudeau. The picture being painted is that invoking the Emergencies Act, which is better known as the WAR MEASURES ACT, was THE ONLY thing the Federal Government could have done, and it was NECESSARY to stop these VIOLENT protestors who were seeking to overthrow the Government of Canada.

In the past, Doug Ford has referred to people who are not obeying Covid-19 orders as Yahoos, but you’ll notice how dismissive he is, meaning he didn’t see these YAHOOS as a THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY Instead, Ford appears to treat these anti-vaxxers or protestors as idiots who should be treated like petty criminals, but what the Emergencies Act did was it turned criminals into TERRORISTS!

I find it hard to imagine that Doug Ford will be able to defend Justin Trudeau’s actions of invoking the Emergencies Act, and for most people, myself included, being in front of a court in which you’re being questioned can be tedious and annoying, even people who are clearly trying to defend Trudeau are having a hard time doing it, imagine if Doug Ford is put on the stand?

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Imagine the political ramifications for him. Again I remind the reader that Ontario is still a Left Wing province; Doug Ford, in about a week, I think, will have to worry about a potential teachers’ strike, and what a lot of the pro-liberty crowd fails to understand is that there is still a large chunk of Canadians who SUPPORTED Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act.

But that’s not what this inquiry is all about, the inquiry into the use of the emergencies Act revolves around the LEGALITY of it, which Trudeau was CLEARLY in violation of, and quite frankly, Doug Ford could potentially be the nail in the coffin, and it’s in Doug Fords best interests NOT to get involved because again this is not a CRIMINAL court, Justin Trudeau is NOT being charged with a crime and Trudeau could be in office until 2025 and beyond.

For Doug Ford, it’s about SURVIVAL; now, I’m not saying Doug Ford is right or wrong in his position; he’s a POLITICIAN think-self-preservation; in the end, NOBODY cares what Doug Fords INTENTIONS are, as Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford has a job to do and Doug Ford’s main job is to try and bring JOBS back to Ontario, this Emergencies Act side show for Doug Ford is NOT WORTH THE EFFORT!

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Doug Ford, at the moment, doesn’t appear to have any aspirations for Federal Politics, and he never appeared to be on the side of the protestors, but if he’s forced to testify, all of a sudden, he has a new set of problems to deal with both on the Left and the Right. You have to remember that no matter what Ford testifies, he loses, the Left will be mad for what he says, and the Right will be mad for what Ford doesn’t say.

Lastly, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh can make Ford’s life a living hell as Premier, even problems that have nothing to do with Doug Ford he gets blamed for; most Canadians don’t understand the different roles of government, and although Doug Ford won the last election, voter turnout was extremely low, there’s little to no gain for Doug Ford in all of this and it’s for this reason why I believe Doug Ford will do everything in his power to avoid testifying.

‘Irreparable harm will occur’ if Doug Ford testifies at inquiry, Ford’s lawyers say |

Interesting times ahead!