My Thoughts on the Free Alberta Strategy: The libertarian-minded, public policy think tank that aims to advance personal freedom and choice in Alberta – July 15, 2022,

Tucker Carlson is being rewarded in the United States for doing what most JOURNALISTS fail to do, research! Unlike the traditional EMOTIONAL pleas, you’ll get from your average Conservative, Tucker Carlson takes the LIBERTARIAN approach, which is to dive into specifics of every news story and present the FACTS. Because Tucker Carlson reports the news as is, his opposition have challenged him in ways that expose their VAMPIRE FANGS!

I’ve listened to Leftists say that Tucker Carlson needs to be stopped because he’s putting a target on people’s backs? These leftists think tanks ignore the journalism of Turkcer and instead focus on the substance of his arguments that EXPOSE, their Left Wing desires to use the Government to destroy the Liberty of people they disagree with ideologically.

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Libertarians don’t only inflict this type of discomfort on people on the far left, they also inflict a similar type of pain to Milquetoast Conservatives. Conservatives are actually more of a problem for Libertarians than Leftists, as Leftists tend to be misguided in their solutions, whereas a lot of Milquetoast Conservatives, are looking for a government that is on THEIR side.

Those Leftists are destroying the country the Milquetoast Conservatives will argue as they lobby the government for a SUPPLY MANAGEMENT regulatory system. Both Milquetoast Conservatives and Left Wingers want the government to have a MONOPOLY on power, as they prefer giving power to the government and taking it from the people.

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Because Oil and Gas are CURRENTLY the backbones of Alberta’s economy, there are a lot of Conservatives who are willing to engage in BAD negotiations with the Federal government in exchange for the ability to make MONEY. These horribly negotiated deals between Ottawa and Alberta are the HEART of the problem because ANY SANE person can see why Alberta’s hands would be hogged tied, whenever Ottawa decides to PUSH BACK.

If you ask me, Quebec has a very WEAK ECONOMIC secession movement, ARGENTINA comes to mind whenever I look at the Quebec secession movement. Some will argue that Quebec’s secession made them dependent on Ottawa, I argue that their secession movement was WEAK from the very beginning, HOWEVER, what Quebec secessionists did get right is preparedness to leave Canada.

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Quebec Secessionists have limited Ottawa’s influence on their lives, as an example, they already have a provincial police force as well as their own provincial pension plan. Now, economically it’s pretty obvious that without the strength of the Canadian dollar and transfer payments, Quebec is an economic DISASTER waiting to happen.

A Strong And Sovereign
Alberta Within Canada |

Why then has the Quebec secession movement been so successful? The answer is simple, they got the POLITICS right. Empty threats, CONSTANTLY pushing their own political agenda and making Quebec appear more important to Canada than they really are. Libertarians revolve their arguments are ECONOMICS, but economics is a BORING topic for most people.

Whenever I want family members of mine to leave me alone I start talking about economics, they’ll start yawning, rolling their eyes and looking for an escape from the conversation, because there’s too much TRUTH in economics. Politics is far more FUN, imagining government has more power than it does is FUN and exciting for most people.

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Most people in Canada and all over the world associate economics and politics as one and the same. What this means is that it’s only when things get REALLY, REALLY bad that the Tucker Carlson’s are listened to. Conservatives and Moderate Left-wingers can see that things are getting REALLY, REALLY bad and they’re looking for answers.

It’s during these periods which most people find Liberty movements, and it’s why I like the idea of a libertarian-minded think tank for Alberta. My problem with Libertarians is their entitlement approach to politics, I’ve stated in other posts why I like Maxime Bernier is that he similar to most Quebecers understands the importance of ENERGIZING people to get out and vote.

Even if Bernier never gets those numbers again, you managed to get over 800,000 votes in the 2021 election. Canada is shy of 40 million people and Bernier managed to inspire 800,000 people to vote for the People’s Party of Canada. The Libertarian Party of Canada has been around for how long now? I’ve listened to their leadership but the energy is NEVER there and it’s, and for this reason, there haven’t even been bursts of growth in their movement.

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If as a Libertarian you’re not going to EDUCATE, FORGET ABOUT IT! You’re wasting time, what separates Libertarians from all the other political movements, is that you can’t UNLEARN Libertarian philosophies, you can REJECT them, but you can’t unlearn them, and it’s for this reason why Leftists who actually do their research on Libertarians are fearful of them.

The political future could literally become Libertarians vs. Conservatives, Libertarians have for the most part made Left Wingers obsolete, Libertarians are the Left Wing replacement, but convincing people of that is difficult. Modern Liberals merged Classical Liberal philosophies with Communism and stamped a “Progressive” label on it. Libertarians are basically Classical Liberals fighting to CONSERVE the Liberty and Freedoms of everyone.

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The Welfare State is ofcourse the problem in all of this, average Canadian wants to CONSERVE the welfare State and merely wants the Welfare State to serve their personal interests. This is ofcourse the REAL problem with the Alberta secession movement, how do you break that spell? How does the Free Alberta Strategy convince Albertans to end the Welfare State?

The answer is education and enthusiasm. The Free Alberta Strategy has to help Albertans to IMAGINE a better future, while at the same time providing detailing how Alberta can TRANSITION from a Canadian Province to either an autonomous region like Taiwan or GLOBALLY recognized Independent Republic.

Does Alberta have to leave Canada? No, ofcourse not, nobody wants that, but Alberta needs to make it clear to Ottawa that it’s PREPARED to leave if Ottawa continues to treat it like its personal piggy bank. In my opinion, the Free Alberta Strategy should FOCUS on how Alberta should rid itself of Federal Government resources.

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Albertans are still scared to switch from Federal Resources to Provincial resources. This fear has to be challenged with action, Albertans need to see and observe for themselves that their province CAN function without Ottawa’s assistance because currently, Ottawa can make the argument that Transfer payments are good for Alberta, why? Because Albertans are still consuming unnecessary Federal resources.

The optics look bad for Alberta, the mere fact Alberta doesn’t have a provincial police force is a HUGE problem. It makes Albertan secession appear not to be serious. The other problem is ofcourse Pensions, by the way, Yes I know Albertans are fighting for these things, but WE NEED action because Alberta having its own pension plan and police force are indeed a PERMANENT COSTS, that could very well change Alberta from being a Have to a Have-Not province.

That’s the uncomfortable reality of a secession movement because you see in Quebec the people have now figured out how broke their secessionist idea will be if implemented, but Alberta isn’t even there yet. If Alberta has its own police force and pension plan, and it’s still contributing to transfer payments? Well, right then and there all of a sudden Albertan secession becomes a REALITY and no longer a pipedream.

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A large chunk of Albertans feel comfortable imaging that the Federal Government will pay their pensions, one of the reasons Quebec is so aggressive towards the Federal Government is that their PUBLIC sector would be BROKE otherwise. Supply management would never work for Quebec if it were an independent nation. So it’s pretty obvious the Quebec secessionist movement is all smoke and mirrors.

But in order for Albertan secessionists to be taken seriously, they have to prove to ALBERTANS, that can supply Albertans with all the services and benefits Albertans currently receive from the Federal Government. Albertans have to SEE and experience this for themselves, in order to take this secession movement seriously.

Once Albertans can see for themselves that Ottawa is an oppressor, Ottawa HAS TO CHANGE! Secessions aren’t difficult, a province merely starts saying NO, you can’t do that, starts suing, starts blocking, starts disrupting, starts NEGOTIATING from a position of strength. Currently, Alberta is not in a position of strength because it hasn’t taken the initiative to limit Ottawa’s influence in its province.


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In my opinion, the Free Alberta Strategy would be wise to focus on removing UNNECESSARY Federal Services from its province allowing Albertans to imagine what that will look like. Replacing the RCMP with a Provincial Police force is a good start. That would be a visual sign of Alberta pride. Pensions could be a challenge it can be done, but messing with people’s money DIRECTLY has to be done with care, if you want to lose support the best way to do that is to destroy their pensions.


While continuing to fight for real change, the Free Alberta Strategy must continue to publish information about liberty and diversifying Alberta’s economy, allowing readers and listeners to IMAGINE, what a liberated Alberta looks and feels like. With that said, I think what the Free Alberta Strategy is doing is great, nothing I wrote in this post they don’t already know. But I think it’s imperative they get the ball rolling because complaining about transfer payments means NOTHING if the Federal government is providing its services in KEY areas of Alberta’s economy.

In their book, they focus on Alberta Sovereignty Act, Alberta Provincial Police, an Independent Banking Act, Alberta Pension Plan, And Unemployment Insurance. I agree with it all, but you need VICTORIES in something first. Before anyone takes Maxime Bernier Seriously, someone in the People’s Party of Canada has to win a seat in parliament. I’m all for ambitious goals, but the human mind needs to see some form of SUCCESS because when I read about their ambitious goals, each one requires DEDICATION, get something passed is one thing, IMPLEMENTING it and making it sustainable is something else.

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Humans hate change because they don’t trust the change agents to be successful, what Justin Trudeau has done for his supporters as Prime Minister has been to THROW money at problems, giving his supporters the ILLUSION that change under his leadership is for the better.

Because Trudeau’s supporters don’t feel like they have to personally pay back the money he borrowed, they can imagine Trudeau and Canada as this great country that should NOT be tampered with. Creating a provincial police force as an example isn’t easy, there’s corruption in Municipal and Federal Police forces, if Albertans feel like the Provincial police AREN’T making their lives better, there’s a problem there.

I bring this up not to discourage the movement, I just do not want to minimize what the Free Alberta Strategy is proposing, I think it would be great to win some victories first to make people trust the process. Because as soon as there’s a move to change, the media is going to attack and the FEAR that these new ideas may not work, will cause many to want to revert back to how things were.

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This is not merely pulling levers and telling RCMP officers to become Provincial Police instead, there’s a lot of time and energy that will have to go into making ALL of these ideas workable. Again all of the sovereignty they’re asking for could quickly make Alberta a Have Not Province. Part of Alberta’s deal with Ottawa is that they don’t have to spend money on what’s being proposed in the Free Alberta Strategy.

As a business person, the one thing you have to be well aware of is UNEXPECTED costs. Suppose as an example the Provincial police want to unionize and drive up costs? An independent banking act is easier said than done, banking invites political leeches of all sorts. I argue to put focus on one thing and put it into action first before introducing sweeping changes.

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I’m always on the side of liberty and I do think the Free Alberta Strategy is a good start, I just don’t want it FAIL and therefore, I think more consideration should be into the SPECIFICS of each plan. The good, the bad, and the ugly, because in Quebec their secessionist quickly dissolved into a socialist mess, as one could imagine they completely ignored the MAINTENANCE costs related to their secessionist movement.

Free Alberta Strategy A Strong, Free & Sovereign Alberta Within Canada | By Rob Anderson, Barry Cooper, Derek From 28 September 2021


Interesting times ahead