My Calorie Counter of is a website that provides a range of calorie and nutrient tracking tools that can help anyone in the process of losing weight. Its tools and features are designed to suit the leading diet plans in the market including The South Beach diet, The Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, The Zone diet, and many more. This website is purely providing fitness and weight loss-related tools and doesn’t offer specific diet or fitness plan.

More about My Calorie Counter

Some of the tools provided by the website include the calorie and activity calculator which keeps track of the calories burned for every activity you performed even those most basic stuff you do everyday like brushing your teeth and washing up. Through its comprehensive food, nutrition, and activity search engine, you will be provided with information as to the calorific value of ¬†food and exercise. What’s more, the website is equipped with tons of articles that would guide you toward weight loss, dieting, nutrition, and living a healthy life in general.

It doesn’t have provide a fitness plan but users can take advantage of its body fat and BMR calorie calculator. My Calorie Counter gives you the option to avail of its personal coaching scheme. At just a minimal amount, you can already have a personalized nutrition plan with the help of My Calorie Counter’s registered nutritionist. Premium users will also get to have access to eating out and restaurant guide.

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It may not provide specific diet and fitness plans compared to other weight loss-related websites but it does provide helpful tools and resources for helping one in his/her journey towards weight loss. If you’re currently following a diet plan, is the perfect companion.

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