Review Is It a Scam?

I’ve seen a lot of scams in my day but My Dot Com Business is on a level all on it’s own. To Its credit MyDotComBusiness is very slick with how it operates, gaining people’s trust by almost sounding noble with it’s advertising pitches. In actuality has quite a few websites and webpages, some of those webpages like “” for example have web pages that can help you get started for $1 which gives many people the impression that Paul Lynch wants to help out the little guy, but when you delve into the fake testimonials and what’s on the backend you see that Paul Lynch is trying to get you to sign up for My Dot Com Business which costs you “$9,997 ($997 Paypal + $9,000 bank wire)”. Now to keep things transparent so you can get a broader understanding of what this is all about. Paul Lynch is known most for which is a pretty good tool of online entrepreneurs who’d like to make whiteboard-style animation videos.

What probably drew you to his money making program was his compelling video right? Well as good as his video was along with the background music that’s so common in almost all of his videos, those videos don’t always translate as well in real world sales outside of his program. Think of it this way if his initial program wasn’t $1 would it interest you? Probably not right?

Here’s the unfortunate fact about My Dot Com Business you’re not getting much. It’s not as easy as it sounds and unfortunately for some of you,you may have to find out the hard way that what shines isn’t always gold. If I were you I would not sign up for, chances are you funneled to their website via some other means, if all you spent was a $1 consider yourself lucky I’d advise against signing up for the full franchise opportunity because the way his business is structured it’s going to be an uphill battle for most of you just to break even, not including the time and effort you’ll spend on advertising.

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