Review – Is it a scam?

My Email Cash Project of is a system created by an unknown individual. This system is said to help you in the step-by-step process of creating recommendation email to different people. This recommendation email shall contain your recommendation on the best products to buy and try online. If you’re not sure on how to exactly do that, then this is the system that will guide you from point A to B.

More about My Email Cash Project

It was claimed by this system that by just sparing three 5 minutes each day (a total of 15 minutes), you will be earning as much as $500/day, simply by sending these emails to different people. By signing up and getting this system, you will be learning how to write effective emails, receive a list of highly recommended products, learn how to create an email list who are most likely to buy the product/s, and how to send your emails to thousands of people.

The system is being taught through an eBook, which you can buy at a one-time fee of $47. However, if you’re more of the audio type of person, you can have the “movie” version for $17.

Final thoughts on

Affiliate marketing is a legit form of making money online. However, it could take some time for you to achieve huge financial success from it especially as the number of affiliate marketers are growing. With, it seems that it is making people believe that affiliate marketing is as easy as writing emails and sending them off.

If you wanted to know if affiliate marketing is really for you, it would be better to check free resources online before getting the paid resources.

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