Review – Is it a scam?

My Free Thing, which you can find at, is a website that deals with “free stuff” in your area. Established by Graser Fetch, LLC company, this product isn’t just a mobile application for sending free stuff alerts but as well a money-making opportunity.

More about My Free Thing

One of the marketing strategies employed by many companies out there to get more consumers is to offer free stuff. This can be in the form of free samples of their products or could be anything (product or service) that is highly related to what they’re offering. One way for these companies to reach out these offers is through mobile application.

My Free Thing claims to be one of those kinds of application. It sends you about 5 alerts on free stuff in your area. Aside from this, this product, which you can purchase for a certain amount, can provide you another source of extra income. If you sign up to be  an affiliate, you can earn commissions from a sale.

Final thoughts on

There’s actually nothing wrong on getting mobile applications like this. What you should be watchful of are the policies of the companies when you’re getting free stuff from them. You need to read and understand them carefully as you may end up paying them instead of getting them for free.

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