Review – Is it a scam?

If networking marketing is something interests you has an excellent opportunity brewing. things are beginning to pick up for them as word start to spread about their multi level marketing opportunity. I’ve never been a fan of network marketing however I do see why people like it. Multi level marketing provides people who like to do sales the opportunity to not just make money but also train and teach leaders. Furthermore multi level marketing companies for some people have become a way of life.

Personal thoughts regarding

My fun life have some excellent videos that explain what they offer and also the future vision of their company. I’ve personally signed up with a similar travel type opportunity in the past and although I stopped doing it now I did meet a lot of people when I got involved which helped me expand my network of friends. Even if you’re not into network marketing you still might be interested in what they have to offer. We all like to go on vacation and if the opportunity exists to profit from it i think it’s only right you check it out

Final thoughts regarding

Personally I don’t think Myfunlife is a scam I do think it’s legit however after review I’m not recommending them at this time as it’s too early for me to tell if this program will be around or profitable for a long period of time. As most of you know when it comes to network marketing you get in what you put out however the downside to network marketing because of income splitting is you’re income is also dependent on the work your down line does.

This is what I consider to be the time consuming portion of network marketing which I personally don’t like. My thinking has always been that if I’m going to work hard for commissions I shouldn’t have to pay to join. Apart from that I do think is an opportunity worthy of your consideration.

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