Review – Is it a scam?

My Home Cash System, which you could check out at, is a website that promotes another work-at-home opportunity. According to its sales page, one can earn as much as $379 a day simply by taking part of their program. Compared to other money-making opportunities online, this only requires a few simple requirements including basic typing skills and decent internet connection.

More about My Home Cash System

This money-making opportunity is being promoted by a woman named Jennifer Becker. According to the proponents of this program, one could easily learn how to make money on the internet without any technical skill required. They further added that this program allows you to build a new source of income following a quick setup. What’s more, with their money-making opportunity, you could work on your own set hours, without a boss to report to.

Aside from its basic sales page, the Home Cash System is also being promoted in an advertorial found here: In this page, they make use of a woman named Kim Swartz to promote the program. However, this name has been used countless times already on similar money making opportunities.

Final thoughts on

Online money-making opportunities such as My Home Cash System poses a number of signs that make it look more of a scam than a legit business opportunity. Some of these include its too good to be true income claims, vague description of the business opportunity, non-clickable logos of news sites, and its use of names that have been used in several online scams.

Before you sign up for any work-at-home opportunity, make sure that you have search all the necessary facts regarding the program. It is also important to watch out for the common red flags of online scams.

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