MyHomeWealthSystem Review Is It a Scam

Geez! So CPA(Cost Per Action) marketing isn’t working out for them so they move over to ClickBank. I just don’t get it. Is it the thrill are these people following a script or are they just mentally retarded.

I want to make something clear about whenever I write reviews, I write them in terms of education and not just telling you what you should or should not do. People need to start thinking for themselves. In life and online if you want make money you have to make a choice that choice is security or freedom.

If you choose security I don’t think making money online is your thing because there are sharks out here, they will say anything in the right way to take you’re money and yes I know most of you are in desperate situations but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and think and ask does this make any sense.

First thing I want to make clear is NEVER join a program online out of sheer curiosity. If they can’t explain what you will be getting for you money don’t sign up. Reviewed

Now this site is interesting step in an interesting direction first i would like to draw your attention to the bottom of the sales page (the date i am writing this April 10, 2010) it says

“For purpose of privacy, testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their actual photos. Results may vary, testimonials are not typical results. All testimonials have been remunerated.”

testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their actual photos.
lol umm yea so hey if you can’t get a real testimonial just make one up

so first i would like to draw you attention to a testimonial i got from Suzanne who just made a trillion dollars working from home, from my work at home website called Suzanne says: “hey just wanted to say thanks Steve i just made a trillion dollars after I gave you my last $1000 it really works!!! i think everyone should sign up”

“Yup i’m da man”

Now i can honestly say that i have never used the word “remunerated” in my vocabulary(which is very limited by the way lol) but i do know what remuneration means – it means offering money in exchange for goods or services If i am wrong somebody correct me. Please!!!

That being said Need I say more??? I mean they had the nerve to put that on their “SALES PAGE”. For all you new click bank vendors clickbank is not CPA marketing!!! there’s a reason the price is only $49.99

What do I use…

Now If you follow me i keep telling people Profit Lance Profit Lance Profit Lance! If you don’t like me don’t use my affiliate link i could care less. but i guarantee you once you sign up you will think me even if it’s only deep down inside. If you reading this blog it’s a testimonial that Profit Lance works and like i keep saying the money is in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Now allow me to drift for a moment and attack this problem from a different angle. to my fellow internet marketers who are losing more money than they are making. Stop promoting these scams stop promoting these money systems, stop promoting these HYIP’s these ponzi schemes and these matrix’s and MLM’s.

We are ONLINE the WORLD WIDE WEB where things are digitally sold and where you can join a affiliate network for FREE. I know this sounds basic but allot of people are sleeping. You should not have to pay ME a monthly fee to make money online. Do you know how dumb that sounds.

My Home Wealth System The Good News

Hey yes there’s good news about My Home Wealth System it’s a clickbank product. Clickbank has a 60 day return policy you can try this scammy looking product for yourself and if you don’t like it call clickbank @ 1-800-390-6035. If you do like it post your story below.

My Advice For you aspiring Internet Marketers

Stay away from the making money online work from home field. I highly recommend all new internet affiliate marketers sign up for Commission Junction and search to find a market that hasn’t been discovered under certain search terms targeted and related to the product you are hoping to promote. I also recommend Profit Lance because when you find these search terms you will know exactly how to capitalize on them.

The money is in Pay Per Click marketing I have done the whole SEO thing i’ve done all of that it’s very time consuming and the rewards are far less than Pay Per Click marketing. There’s a good chance you we’re brought to “My Home Wealth System” from a Pay per click marketing campaign you we’re smart enough to your research most people aren’t just something you should think about.

This is my leisure blog  I was we’re most of you are now. Just hoping to get lucky one day. I always knew deep down inside the money was in Pay Per Click marketing, i am telling you this because if you learn PPC marketing you are set free from all the B.S. that will plague 90% of the people reading this. There’s an endless ocean of wealth out here online.