Review Is It a Scam

Well, for those of you who follow me on my blog usually I am exposing scams and trying to educate people on business systems to avoid an reading the terms and conditions before making an online purchase. But in this case I am forced to keep this post short. This site sure looks and smells like a scam but is it???

I have to be honest and say I am quite impressed with Jeremy Miner’s Million Dollar edge program.  Now here’s the thing when you are getting into this type of thing there is always an upsell of some kind so be prepared. I never take upsells or the special offers. None the less it’s a refreshing program Jeremy knows what he’s doing.

Personally I found success at Chris Farrell Membership but the system is good. He is honest with his return policy so if you are interested give it a try. One thing I must say just like I tell people with profit lance in order for the mymilliondollar edge system to work you are going to have to put work in. How I do it is I only do things online that I like doing or I find markets that have low competition. None the less that’s all folks good luck!