Review – Is it a scam?

My Tooty Fruity which you can find at is a website started by an entrepreneur named Heather Gifford. This is a training business geared towards those who are interested in starting a fruit bouquet business. Gifford is said to have started her fruit bouquet business out of financial desperation. She started doing it on her own and six weeks after, she was able to make a four-figure income out of it.

More about My Tooty Fruity

From her success, Gifford had branched out and decided to teach others how to start this similar business. Unlike other business training websites, My Tooty Fruity features not just an eBook but other training opportunities for those who want to start a fruit bouquet business. Aside from her book, Gifford also offers her online training such as a training for starting kids’ fruit art party business.

The products/training materials available in My Tooty Fruity website are sold separately. If you’re not sure if her products suit your needs, it would be best to try one of them. Her products are listed under ClickBank so if you are not satisfied, you can ask for refund.

Final thoughts on

Starting your own business is a good way to have control of your time and money while adding value to the society. The only downside of starting a business is that there’s no assurance that you’ll succeed. However, if you’re willing to take the risks then entrepreneurship can be right for you.

The training materials available at will only work for you if you have interest in starting a fruit-related business and willing to work hard to make it work. Otherwise, forget it and just choose another business opportunity that suits your interest and the current need in the market.

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