Nail In The Coffin For Californian Economy: Gavin Newsom defeats a recall effort by a wide margin, will be Governor until at least the end of 2022 – September 15, 2021,

Not only did Gavin Newsom defeat a recall effort, but he also did so with a wide margin of victory, election fraud you say? I’d say California would be a prime candidate to have a secession movement because if that victory is an accurate representation of California voters, California is doomed economically.

Now, to be fair, Gavin Newsom did send checks in the mail to Californians who qualify, furthermore, you have to remember that the government is also subsidizing a large chunk of Californians NOT to work, if I were a Leftist and this Larry Elder guy was talking about ending the welfare checks I was receiving and replacing them with jobs, and killing the minimum wage law, etc. I’d be inclined to vote for Gavin Newsom also.

To the Californians who know what Gavin Newsom is doing to the economy, I’d argue this election really is all you need to know, I get it imagining secession is difficult and inconvenient, but the welfare state appears to have you locked and boxed and if you have no intention of moving out of California, you’d be wise to start openly talking about secession.

When I looked at the results by county I see the bigger picture of what’s going on, how things typically work is the people looking for handouts from the government if allowed to eventually move into the areas where the most your county, which is why my secessionists shouldn’t wait, if you accept your fate that’s fine, but history shows, that’s once socialism takes over it’s only a matter of time, because people and corporate entities dependent on government subsidies will always find a reason to be dependent on government welfare, it’s just how things are.

Once people get accustomed to receiving a government check or government subsidies, they’ll justify in their own minds why they’re entitled to said benefits, this only ends when the government goes bankrupt, and even then, the socialist/progressives may still double down on their demand that the government takes care of them, because after all, it worked in the past, right?

Secession happened and continues to happen in many parts of Europe, and if the U.S fiat dollar system fails the global economy as we know it fails. I’m not a big believer in MMT because price discovery without a MARKET is not easy as people think it is, central bank digital currency (CBDC) have trouble with retail banks as the distributors if central banks become the distribution center of CBDCs.

unlike now, the Federal Reserve would actually become a central bank and if the Federal Reserve becomes a digital central bank, and cash is abolished, that completely changes the forex markets because to transact in digital format guarantees a fee no matter where in the world you are, whereas now, if a person has physical U.S dollars, physical U.S dollars are still used all around the world and perception in the modern era is that the Fiat U.S dollar is just as good as Gold.

Of course, we know that to be pure nonsense, but this money confidence game is working and it stops working when fiat money loses its relationship with LABOR. Now that most of the world is dependent on borrowing money from their central bank to stimulate economic growth, clearly, we’re nearing the end of a cycle. Inflation is now being forced by many producers because their costs are going up, now obviously hyperinflation has an easy fix RAISE INTEREST RATES, but if interest rates are NORMALIZED to meet the demands of the market, zombie companies fail, wages would have to drop, and potentially austerity measures would have to be enacted.

Now, if you’re saying to yourself that ain’t never gonna happen, I agree with you, but economic DEFLATION benefits Libertarian secessonists As everyone knows, the flaw of the free market is DEFLATION, which is why the money/Gold and Silver is a storer of value because as innovations bring down the cost of living a Gold and Silver coin as an example which also represents your labor is supposed to buy you more in the future than it bought you in past.

If you don’t understand what I mean, think about direct deposit, prior to direct deposit a check had to go through the postal service, that check had to be printed, processed, mailed, delivered, the recipient would then have to physically go to the bank, ever since the creation of “direct deposit”, which is an innovation, COSTS have come down cheque distribution, now think about the automobile, online shopping, technology in general, innovation is deflationary, which means in the real world without government waste, the money is supposed to be APPRECIATING in value, what prevents money from appreciating in value is the GOVERNMENT.

Not only are prices going up, but interest rates are also at zero! Deflation isn’t a dirty word, it’s only a dirty word if your quality of life is going down!

The faster you comprehend what’s happening the easier it will be to comprehend secession! Now that Gavin Newsom won by a wide margin, it should be a preview of things to come, Socialism destroying entire nations is UNDEFEATED!

California recall results: Maps show how each county is voting |

Interesting times ahead