Review Is it a Scam

First off I want to say I don’t like the idea of mainly because they ask for your credit card information upfront. If you are going to sign up for nailbidder i recommend using if they will not allow you to pay with paypal my advice is do not sign up. Based on what i’ve seen from many of these penny auction websites is that they ones that don’t accept paypal tend to scam people the most. Some people look at data such as page rank and other things my main concern is the consumer. I’ve never gone to a store online or offline and been asked to give up my credit card before entering.

WATCHOUT for the Deceptive Bid Pack

As it stands now there doesn’t seem to be an option to pay with paypal on one or a few of the sign up pages. The page recommended from the website is different from the actual homepage. Now if you noticed above i mentioned the reason for this is because paypal protects the consumer from what i am about to mention right now. If you look at the section on this particular page of Nailbidder website ( ) where they ask for your credit card information to the left of that section notice the words “Select a Bid Pack:” you might also notice that they’ve already selected a bid pack for you. “100 Bids for $70 – Cost per bid $0.70!” What this means is the moment you enter your private information along with your credit card information you might be instantly charged $70.

I was getting comments on a previous post about people signing up to a penny auction website and being charged unexpected charges i was wondering to myself why didn’t people notice the charges before they signed up well now i get it if you were to go to the homepage everything seems legit but if you go to one of their other sign up pages you will get something like the page found at in the event this page has been taken down you can see what it used to look like by going to which was a print screen i took of that portion of their page.

Why I don’t like Penny Auction Websites

Penny Auctions have a host of problems one of the problems is most of the penny auctions start auctions without physically having that product in stock. If you notice’s website you will see that they have a portion that says “in Stock guarantee on every item” most auction websites don’t physically have the items they are auctioning off and winners sometimes have to wait many weeks before they actually receive their item(s). Another thing with penny auction websites is you have to buy non refundable credits in order to play.

If you go to an auction site like eBay only the winner has to pay for the price of the item. With penny auction websites every single bidder pays for the price of the item and then you have to remember also that there can only be one winner. Sure their are penny auction websites with “buy it now” features but doesnt that defeat the purpose of a penny auction website?. Also with penny auctions once you sign up you are basically at the mercy of the penny auction website remember they penny auction website owners are the owners of the site they are also the vendors of the products being auctioned off. The point of any business is to make money which brings me to my next point.

It’s my fear that online penny auction websites have the game rigged i mean honestly how would these sites be able to sustain themselves when they just launched and only have a few members. This is only my opinion and is not a reflection of’s practices. Last thing i will point out in this post is the bigger the penny auction website gets the less chances people have to win and the more money the penny auction website makes. Personally I recommend staying away from penny auction websites but don’t let my opinion stop you from joining

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