Leftist Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Leftist Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

National-and-Democratic-Socialism Have a lot of similarities: Two federal NDP candidates resign after antisemitic social media posts – September 15, 2021,

The Greens and NDP have a lot of racists in their party. In order to be pro-socialist, you have to justify theft. Once you can justify theft, step 2 to being a socialist is the easy part, finding an enemy to destroy. Both National and Democratic socialists have always been capitalist and anti-free markets.


Free Market capitalism puts individualism, money, and partnerships ahead of race or ethnicity. Believers in capitalism don’t care what a person looks like, if that person can sell, the capitalist is happy to make a partnership. National Socialists HATE this, nationals Socialists hate Jews, primarily because Jews are often very successful in a  free market economy.

This obviously infuriates the National and Democratic Socialist, who feels like the Jew has somehow cheated their way to success, “why is this ethnic population so financially successful and I’m not when my ancestors built this country”?   Similar to many Chinese people, Jews tend to focus on economic endeavors that get the bills paid, while many uncultured whites who put their trust in the government will use waste their leisure time on things that consume their income.

Furthermore, the observance of the sabbath day, which in many ways is a day of STUDYING and growing one’s mental faculties often gives Jews a discipline most people will never have. Similar to the Chinese student who does their homework in their parents Convenience Store, Jews and the Chinese often have higher FINANCIAL IQ’s in western societies because of their cultural environment.

Socialism is a political idea that seeks to destroy the NATURAL culture of a people. Socialism is a one size fits all political ideology and most socialist ideas change like the wind, Neo-Nazi is derived from failed Nazi ideas. Democratic socialism actually predates Karl Marx, but it’s always been a silly ideology because political Democracy is flawed, majority rule is an instant failure because the majority will usually vote to enslave the minority. Anyway, as expected more Leftists spewing hatred, blah, blah, blah, what else is new.

Leftists always need an enemy to destroy, and attacking Jews is easy because Canadian and American Jews rarely if ever react violently and socialists are always looking for SOFT SPOTS in society and the only way Jews usually respond is with words or by working to change existing laws.

Democratic and National Socialists have historically been violent and they often dog-whistle each other. Well, at least this time the dog whistle got called out.

Two federal NDP candidates resign after antisemitic social media posts spark backlash | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!