To me this is just a blatent Scam becaue the are using a trademark name to sell a fake google product actually they are using 2 trademark names to sell a product that has nothing to do with both. First what i want you to know is this video you see below is an excerpt of woman who makes money online like many of us do working from home.

But what i want to make clear is that the way she makes money from home has nothing to do with the scam. If the video doesnt load it’s because they blocked me for exposing them

[youtube id=”-oIW7R_id_c” w=”425″ h=”344″]


Now instead of me just saying yes this is a complete sca i’m going to show and explain to you how it works so you wont be fooled again. First things first once any company online is asking you for your credit card to make money online you need to read the terms and conditions ALWAYS read the terms and conditions once your credit card is concerned. below is the terms and conditions which is found on the order page of all you would have to do is a click one of the links leading to the order page you would be redirected to the order page and on that orderpage under the terms and conditions found at the bottom you will see the following… (this article was written december 22 2009 the terms may or may not have changed depending on one you see this)



Your Membership is the perfect tool to start making money on the Internet. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals. By submitting this form you are ordering Creative Search Training and the trial membership for $1.95 Instant Access. If you do not cancel within the 3-day trial period, you will be charged a one-time amount of $129.95. In addition, you will be provided access to an online Learning Center which will bill at $39.98, unless you cancel, 30-days from the date of enrollment and you will be re-billed every 30 days at $39.98 per month until cancelled. To cancel call 888-753-4203 M-F, 7am-5pm, MST within 3 days of the date you ordered.



Again always read the terms and conditions before signing up to those programs. If you want to make money online you dont have to pay to do so there are free work at jobs you can sign for below

1.)This first one is my favorite very easy to get started and making money. Everything is self explanitory

2.)I like his mostly for the education because they help get your own online buiness started from scratch, this company is real work at home job. Takes a bit of getting used to, but when you get it you can soon be making tons of money.

3.)This next site i use to take surveys one of the first survey sites i ever joined.

4.)Many people online are familiar with this one much like the inbox dollars but a wee bit different also they tend to have more programs to make you more money. But at times they pay less per program if you get what i mean.

5.) last but not least get paid to read emails

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