The NDP of Canada calls to ‘defund the police’ but Jessica Bell, an NDP member of provincial parliament calls police to “protect the mosque and Muslims from future attacks.” – August 1, 2020,

I grew up Christian, the Church I went too as vandalized so many times, that it became a routine for us kids to paint the church during the summertime. It wasn’t considered hate when out church was vandalized it was just vandalism. Atheists don’t believe in God, and some of them see we Protestants as an enemy of ours, but we don’t run to the government or to the police looking for handouts, because for us, we know that atheists usually have internal problems, I mean think about if there’s no God, the only force preventing you from doing anything you want to do is the government.

There’s nothing forcing atheists to believe in anything, they can do whatever they want, there’s no heaven or hell what the hell do they care. Now, the politically motivated Islamists use any and everything as their rallying cry for government protection and there are of course politicians who are willing to give in to these politically-driven Islamists’ demands.

In the body of the article it clearly stated the following:

In a statement Thursday, the association says two of the incidents occurred at the same location on the same day this week, just as Muslims were preparing to mark Eid al-Adha.

Muslim association calls for action following mosque vandalism |

It’s one location which mean’s it’s probably at most a few people doing it, but in the article what I thought was hilarious was what an NDP member of provincial parliament Jessica Bell had to say:

Jessica Bell, an NDP member of the provincial parliament, called on police to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incidents and “protect the mosque and Muslims from future attacks.”

Muslim association calls for action following mosque vandalism |

Now, in case you missed it, consider reading the following articles

NDP start petition to defund police |

what’s that you say, the post-millennial is center-right and not trustworthy? ok fine you win, consider reading this:


What’s that you argue, what the NDP are saying is that instead of spending all that money on Police the money should be used to INVEST IN BLACK, INDIGENOUS AND RACIALIZED PEOPLE’S LIVES, ok fair statement and that’s what led to the following article being written.

What does ‘defund the police’ really mean? Experts say confusion harming progress |

I hope you see why socialism tends to lead to bankruptcy, Jagmeet Singh has stated that the NDP is similar to what Bernie Sanders was pushing for in the United States, which is Democratic Socialism, well the NDP similar to most non-market-based socialist nations of the world is bankrupt and the reason why they’re bankrupt is because they’re the New DEMOCRATIC party, which is basically mob-rule politics.

The laws should change to reflect the ever-changing demands of the mob for social justice. Socialism by itself is very expensive to administer and adding Democracy to socialism makes the price tag even higher, who knows where the democratic mob will want to target next, maybe the democratic mob will target you or me next in the name of social justice.

How dare I speak out against the socialist revolution! right? I must be silenced, my property and freedoms stripped to appease the mob, in the name of social justice. The New Democratic Party of Canada is why Austrian economics should be taught in public schools, the NDP is bankrupt for a reason!

Mike Layton was also involved, but being honest I’m not sure if Mike Layton is a member of the NDP, Mike is the son of former federal New Democratic Party (NDP) leader and former city councilor Jack Layton, however, Mike made no mention of police involvement based on my research. If you grew up in church people are going to vandalize it, I guess the mistake my church made was not politicizing things when our churches were vandalized. #LateStageSocialism

Interesting times ahead!

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