The NDP, not the Conservatives per capita Risk Losing The Most Votes to the Peoples Party of Canada? – August 28, 2021

So when I go to protests in Ontario, I’m alarmed by how many NDP supporters there are fighting for freedom, who are disenchanted by Jagmeet Singh, who is more about government welfare than he is about Canada’s working class. Just so people are aware, the NDP was initially started for the working class not the government welfare class.

There was a period in Canadian history in which it was embarrassing to be dependent on the government, the NDP is the result of Liberal Corporate Welfare. Corporate Welfare and the Liberal Pary of Canada is nothing new, Justin Trudeau is a TRUST FUND baby, most people do not know that Trust Funds are used to avoid paying certain taxes, which is fine, but Justin Trudeau forced all Canadians to pay for taxes that he and his descendants never had to pay because he had the money to do it and he was politically connected.

The NDP stood up to corporatism, but not anymore, under Jagmeet Singh, the NDP embraces corporatism and for the NDP folk I speak to, this is a problem. To those of you unaware, Welfare is Welfare, whether it’s personal or corporate welfare, it’s welfare, meaning that there are millions of people not only consuming more than they’re producing in Canada, but they’re also forcing Canada’s working classes to subsidize their lifestyles.

Jagmeet Sign promises to grow the welfare state, meaning that if you’re a supporter of the NDP, your labor will be worth less than it will be under Maxime Bernier. As I’ve stated in prior posts, Jack Layton was no slouch, he understood the market economy and its importance to Canada, where I disagreed with Jack Layton, was he believed in higher taxes and an above-market wage for employees, well it appears more people from the NDP are understanding the importance of a market economy to their standard of living.

This is really bad for Jagmeet Singh because it means that more NDP voters understand that with every promise Jagmeet Singh makes, they’re going to lose purchasing power, from the paychecks. Prior to the internet, most Canadians would have to go to the Library to figure things out, this obviously benefited the Liberals and NDP as they could spread misinformation about how the Canadian economy is run, that’s no longer the case, people can do a simple Google search to comprehend a politicans positions on certain topics and this along with the vaccine passports and draconian measures that Jagmeet Singh supports appears to be having an effect on some of his voters.

At the last rally I attended I met more NDP supporters than Conservative Party supporters, I do remember Maxime Bernier talking about this before, but I didn’t believe him, I’ve now seen it for myself. The difference between an NDP supporter and Liberal or Conservative supporters is that they don’t vote to WIN they vote based on their principles.

Now, I don’t know how the 2021 election will turn out, I expect Erin O’Toole will win, but you never know, but I thought it was very interesting that NDP voters are turning out at rallies with PPC supporters and they’re not there as counter-protestors.

I personally don’t see any gain for a WORKING CLASS NDP voter if Jagmeet Singh were to become Prime Minister, Jagmeet Singh appears more obsessed with growing welfare spending, which ultimately rewards people who don’t work. Maxime Bernier, especially in this environment, is a pro-worker candidate, if the Canadian government shrinks and you’re employed in the private sector you’d have the financial boom of your life under Maxime Bernier. Wages in the private sector aren’t going down with Maxime Bernier but the cost of living will go down, because he’ll be firing unnecessary government employees, if you want an example of an unnecessary government employee lookup Maryam Monsef the Minister for Women and Gender Equality? Just to give you an idea 32% of teachers in Canada are men and 68% are women.

Men and women in Canada appear to know what profession suits them best, I personally don’t see too many male nurses as an example, they exist but most nurses are women, why does this happen? Who knows, but I suspect humans gravitate to particular jobs for particular reasons, now ask yourself why Canada’s working class has to pay $200K+ per year for a Minister for Women and Gender Equality? Does Maryam Monsef even contact Canadian working-class women who may disagree with her ideology? Yet all people in Canada must pay her salary $200K+, meanwhile the average working-class Canadian is getting screwed by the pro-Welfare Partys.

So again I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the NDP in time found out that the Peoples Party of Canada was their main competition. The Conservative Party voter appears to be fixed, Maxime Bernier will have to work extremely hard to win Beauce, which has historically been a Conservative Party stronghold, but you never know, what I want to see is if the People’s Party make any gains in TOTAL votes.

Even if the PPC wins no seats I would like to see if they make gains because sometimes, slow growth is better than fast growth, when your supporters get used to losing and get comfortable as the underdog, as a politician you get something priceless, the NDP HAD those types of voters and Jagmeet Singh, in my opinion, is squandering them and if Jagmeet Singh loses this election in the manner he lost the prior election I think his days of leading the NDP are over.

Interesting times ahead!