NDP Government Created the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Top executives, and Their Bonuses – November 9, 2018,

This blog post is in response to an article I read on CBC which can be found by clicking the link below:

ICBC execs made tens of thousands in bonuses last year, but David Eby says amount decreasing – CBC

I live in Ontario, so when I first learned about the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia(ICBC), which is a provincial Crown Corporation in British Columbia created in 1973 by the NDP government of Premier Dave Barrett, I laughed for about 2 minutes. With every word, I read about ICBC the smirk on my face began to widen. I remember the 1980’s, I remember the feeling in the air, I remember how the belief of many was that socialism was the way to go and that Capitalism had go. I remember the worker’s unions, the protests and all the fights that on the surface seemed like just causes.

The problem is as a younger person I also remember the mean-spirited nature of the socialists, the union people, and the left leaners. They’d be nice on camera and in front of crowds but behind the curtains, you’d often see and be introduced to their true colors. Most people wanted to use socialism to achieve their own personal gains and therefore I found left-leaners to be rather 2 faced. Now I can’t speak for the politicians themselves because I didn’t meet that many politicians, but the individuals who wanted socialism, these people in my few were easily influenced by the new hot topic, they were easily corruptible (many of them were on drugs) and this is the reason why in my early life I stayed away from politics.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is honestly a silly concept, I’m sure most British Colombians will tell you that there was a time when they had the best insurance rates in Canada, well now in 2018 I’d like you to click the link below:

British Columbia – The most expensive insurance rates in Canada.

Now, most of you first learn of my blog, because I’m often ranting about a Federal Crown Corporation called Canada Post. As of November 9, 2018, Canada Post employees are on strike. As of the date of this blog posts publication, Canada is a free country, so if an employer is treating you unfairly, you as a Canadian citizen of the right to quit and to boycott them. In Canada we are not slaves, sure our country isn’t perfect but we’re not slaves. Canada Post employees don’t want to quit because if they worked for a non-crown-corporate postal operator in Canada they’d be paid less money and receive fewer benefits.

In the real world is there are trade-offs, as an example, Canadians wanted minimum wages so now most of our essential cheap items are now made in poor countries like China and Bangladesh where people live under oppressive and dictatorial governmental regimes and are more easily exploited because they have fewer options for employment! Sure Canadians still buy these Chinese made goods but hey, we feel better about ourselves because we have minimum wages and we don’t have to actually look at the exploited Chinese worker, instead we can find more creative ways to make the cost of living even higher for ourselves.

So with that said the reason Canada Post employees don’t quit is that if they quit they forfeit all those tasty benefits they’ll get by being fired or by waiting for retirement. Also, Canada Post has a great public Sector Union called CUPW who cares more about Canada Post employees than it does the people and businesses the Canada Post monopoly is supposed to serve.

Why I bring this up is well ICBC has their own version of CUPW called Move Up Together(LMAO) which you can learn more about by visiting their website @ moveuptogether.ca and their current slogan is the following:

Join over 12,000 people like you — working in public and private sector jobs in finance, transit, IT, transportation, Crown corporations, security and other office and professional sectors — and enjoy the benefits of our collective strength.

Come on, I mean really, seriously? Like are we being serious here? Who in their right mind wouldn’t see the disaster emerging from socializing auto insurance (lmao)? This isn’t even health insurance, we’re talking about auto insurance and second tier optional insurances here lmao, what kind of idiot would think this is a good idea? So anyway it’s only natural that the fish rots from the head down, so why shouldn’t the executives take a little bonus here and a little bonus there? All the employees are getting bonuses via higher pay and more job security at the expense of British Columbian tax slave.

Again if the provincial government controls car insurance shouldn’t rates come down? At the very least shouldn’t car insurance rates be the lowest in the country? At least lower than Ontario, I mean Ontario insurance is a disaster and our rates are lower than BC’s, even socialist Quebec wasn’t stupid enough to fall for this crap. Ok, I’ll stop here, as I find this topic beneath me. Bottom line here is play stupid games win stupid prizes. Congrats to British Colombia you have one of the most moronic insurance schemes in Canada and I suspect if no change is made things will get PROGRESSIVELY worse!

Interesting times ahead