NDP leader Jagmeet Singh Goes Full Communist, let’s ignore the effectiveness of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in Africa, instead let’s instead abolish intellectual property rights – December 1, 2021,

Currently, only 6% of Africans are fully vaccinated, and unless Africans, which include white, middle eastern south, and East Asian Africans have some sort of super genetics the Covid-19 hysteria that plagues western nations hasn’t been as destructive in Africa as the Covid-Alarmists would like you to believe. Because of IP rights, the CONTINENT of Africa has been a shining example of the lack of effectiveness of these vaccinations.

You have to understand that Africa is not one country, there are 54 countries in Africa and the entire continent only has a 6% vaccination rate, yet nothing abnormal has happened in Africa since the release of this virus on the world. Why? Well if you do any charity in Africa, you’d know that the people there are rather resourceful especially when it comes to dealing with viruses.

Africa has about 3000 different tribes all that have been around for thousands of years and in order for any people to survive that long, they obviously have to know a thing or two about MEDICINES. I get it we’re Canadian and we imagine that we must know everything about anything and these Africans couldn’t possibly have any cures to Fauci-derived diseases?

Anyway to stay on point what Socialist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh clearly sees is that the Canadian as well as other western nations are losing control over the narrative. Sweden which has no lockdowns and no forced vaccinations is eerily similar to the DEATH numbers to nations like Canada and Australia which have imposed harsh lockdowns and vaccination passports.

Africa makes Western nations look like they’re run by a bunch of incompetent buffoons, and the Democratic Socialist Biden administration is trying to get ahead of this, because after all a large chunk of Black Americans are refusing to get vaccinated and Black Americans are a very important voting bloc to the Democrat Party.

Already Black American leaders are beginning to point out the obvious which is, why has this virus sparred Africa? Could it be superior genetics? or maybe just maybe Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Scott Morrison, and other western leaders are IDIOTS! If I’m, to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of IP rights, I’m a firm believer in trademarks, meaning that if someone creates property and brands it, even if I duplicate it I can’t sell it under that person trademarked name.

But IP rights for me accelerate poverty because there are all sorts of IP rights that could make the world a better place collecting dust in the archives. I personally think trademarking would be a far more effective method to leave your mark in history instead of extorting people from profiting off of something, someone else created.

Now, where I derive my views of IP rights comes from people embracing free-market capitalism, because as we all know socialists are thieves, so getting rid of IP rights with Leftists like Jagmeet Singh would equate to the GOVERNMENT owning your ideas as well as the means of production, which is the case in COMMUNIST CHINA. But IP rights is one of those things in which socialist thievery contributes most to the lack of innovation in the marketplace.

Anyway to people who agree with Jagmeet Singh, you’re clearly not understanding that he’s saying what he’s saying because Left-Wingers are losing control over the narrative of Covid-hysteria.

With emergence of the Omicron, Canada must finally waive COVID-19 vaccine patents: Singh | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!