NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Will Now Be On The Hook For Justin Trudeau’s Failed Economy, Liberals may also steal more NDP votes in upcoming elections – September 26, 2020,

The Fiscal conservative members of the Liberal Party of Canada are beginning to worry about their Party brand as Justin Trudeau continues to go further left with his spending. In B.C as an example, the Liberals have a hard time gaining any traction, the Liberal brand is hated out west. The NDP oddly enough is the competitive force the Conservative Party of Canada has to contend within Western Canada.

Out West it is almost impossible for the Liberals to win, now in eastern Canada, Liberals are embraced to the point in which I’ve heard many Liberals telling other Liberals not to split the vote with the bankrupt NDP. Well, Jagmeet Singh who had his Party Platform hijacked by Justin Trudeau has now put himself in a position in which, there is no reason for anyone to support the NDP.

Trudeau will now be allowed to partially blame his failed economic policies on the NDP. Below is what Jagmeet Singh got Trudeau to agree to.

Singh had vowed the party would not back Justin Trudeau’s government without legislation guaranteeing that unemployed Canadians wouldn’t see a reduction in coronavirus benefits as the Liberals had initially proposed.

Now, the fiscally responsible Liberal Party members, understand that the government has no money without the private sector. If the Liberals could continue to pay people to do nothing, to win elections into Infinitum they would, I think all political partys would do that, but money is nothing but a sign of a countries productivity.

With the fiat monetary system, there is the ability to manipulate the data for extended periods of time, but the Bank of Canada (BoC) creating liquidity for the private sector banks, or even paying government-contracted workers doesn’t mean that the private sector, in general, will want to get into more debt.

Sure the Liberal Government can get into all the debt in wants, but I personally would never voluntarily get into Canadian dollar-denominated debt in this economic environment, because lower interest rates have been replaced with increased government regulations.

I’d rather pay higher taxes with less government, than lower interest rates with more government. Ford Motors Canada put the Canadian government in a bad position basically forcing the Canadian government to subsidize all of their risks. That’s only a preview of how the private sector works, now the housing sector in Canada appears to be going up, but $2000 a month can barely get you a bachelor apartment in most major Canadian cities.

So as I’ve been writing for months now, Canada is going to have a cashflow problem. When deflation is hidden by money printing/liquidity that equates to dollar debasement. Inflated Asset prices eventually clash with private sector cash flow. Now if the Canadian dollar was backed by gold standard, this would be abundantly obvious.

But, we’re under a fiat monetary system and the confidence of the said system is based on the size and productivity of said government. Well, COVID-19 has been deflationary both in the labour markets and in spending, furthermore, it’s not like Canadians didn’t have any debt before the Coronavirus hit.

All roads point to deflation and debasement and this free cash giveaway is going to be paid with DEBASED CANADIAN DOLLARS! Now, in the meantime, I want to point out that the forex markets shouldn’t be confused with domestic dollar debasement, the Canadian dollar might soar next to other fiat currency, debasement in a fiat system hurts the domestic economy, it might be in the Canadian private sectors best interests to invest CANADIAN DOLLARS outside of Canada because investing in Canada is just too expensive.

Trudeau has also said that he’s going to tax the ultra-wealthy more, well, just so people understand, taxation without representation is theft and if the uber-wealthy allow themselves to be taxed in Canada, they can fight the Wealth-tax in the Canadian courts.

In case you’re unaware of how the rich pay no taxes, the Canadian government has to spend money on lawyers in the Canadian courts fighting the rich to take more of their money. The uber-rich don’t just sit back and allow the government to tax them, that’s not how this works, the same way as a regulator Canadian gets charged for speeding and has is told to pay let us say $250, if the driver caught speeding shows up at court, to save on court costs, they’ll be offered by the crown to pay less, so their case isn’t dragged out.

Well if I have a lot of time or resources on my hand, I’ll drag the court case out, this is something most Leftists who understand the Canadian judicial system understand, which is why you won’t hear every single Liberal saying they want a wealth tax.

The rich are job creators and if they leave, it makes the government look very incompetent. The NDP is broke and Jagmeet Singh is behaving like a broke person, Trudeau in all fairness could have given the NDP nothing, it’s just that I personally believe Trudeau knows his days are numbered.

Although I don’t know if it’s true, I was told that Trudeau will be stepping down when the next Liberal Scandal breaks, Chrystia Freeland is being propped up to be the next Prime Minister, the likelihood of her winning is slim to none, however, similar to when Kathleen Wynne was voted out in Ontario, Justin Trudeau is trying to do as much damage to the Canadian economy as possible, to make sure that the Conservatives and his opposition get all the blame when he’s gone.

In Ontario, I personally don’t think Doug Ford is doing a great job, but in Ontario, we all know how it felt to be under Kathleen Wynne’s socialist government, so as bad of a job Doug Ford is doing, notice that the Liberals nor the NDP can make any traction. I’m not saying that the Liberals or the NDP can’t win a provincial election, but they’ve lost a lot of support.

There’s a feeling in the air in Canada that the economy is going to crash, when it does, the persons in power will see their power vanish as forced austerity measures get ushered in. The cash flow numbers don’t make any sense and the worst thing Jagmeet Singh could have done is backed Trudeau’s plan to spend more. If I were the Bloc Quebecois, the Conservative Party, The PPC or the Greens I’d let this play itself out.

As long as Trudeau doesn’t come after my freedom of speech as long as they don’t regulate the internet, I say let the economy crash under his watch! Allow Canadians the privilege to feel what Leftism feels like in practice!

NDP will back Liberal throne speech, preventing fall election | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!