NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh trying to Appeal To Liberal Party Supporters To Move Further to The Left – Singh says Justin Trudeau is waging a war against the working class – January 19, 2023,


When I read the article I point to below, the first thing that came to my mind was what a weird political strategy by Jagmeet Singh. Who is he trying to appeal to exactly? Jagmeet Singh is definitely not trying to appeal to any centrist or Conservative, his strategy has to be to appeal to those who are already Left of Centre politically and who want a far-left agenda.

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But doesn’t Jagmeet have a stranglehold on these people already? Are the polls signaling to the NDP that Canadians who are likely to vote for Justin Trudeau in an upcoming election, would rather a more extreme version of Justin Trudeau? It sounds oxymoronic for Jagmeet Singh to say “Justin Trudeau is waging a war against the working class and he plans to leverage his party’s agreement with the Liberals to protect working people.”


What comes to my mind when he says something like this is I wonder if he is working in tandem with Justin Trudeau to create some new stimulus spending bill in which neither will take the BLAME when their spending bill creates even more consumer price inflation. Both Singh and Trudeau could claim as they’ve done in the past that the Conservative’s negative attitudes are why there is consumer price inflation.

Now, if you know anything about finances or the economy, you’d know this B.S., but a lot of people Left of centre politically imagine finances and economics as a random set of events. Once you comprehend that most Leftists opt for IGNORANCE when it comes to the economy, that’s when Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau start to make more sense.

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I’ve listened to people that GENUINELY believe in the wealth effect, meaning they imagine if people use positive words or positive thinking that, the economy will be fine no matter what the government regulations or government taxation rates are. When you’re someone like me, I see politicians for the salesmen they are; politicians often sell voters on a DREAM, most Conservatives, and I see and comprehend this, but the average voter does not.

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But even when you start thinking like a Leftist, you have to ask yourself, what type of weird strategy is this? I don’t want to call Jagmeet Singh an idiot, which is why I have to assume something else is in the works, and what comes to mind is some sort of stimulus spending, which is bad for all of Canada because not only are interest rates higher, taxes are higher, and Justin Trudeau along with the help of Jagmeet Singh have added on more regulations to economic activity, thereby shrinking the amount of taxes the Federal Government is likely to collect from taxpayers.

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If you’re not following me here, what I’m saying is consumer price inflation tends to lead to people spending LESS, which often leads to not only job cuts but a slowdown in overall economic activity. What you also get during periods of consumer price inflation are people making bulk purchases as they expect ESSENTIALS to be more expensive in the future.

Now, anyone who follows politics would see Jagmeet and Justin as one and the same. If they’re a Leftist and think Justin’s power is threatened, the last thing they’re going to do is back Jagmeet because, as I like to point out, Left Wngers have been SPLITTING the vote for decades and despite what some Conservatives tink, splitting the vote is HELPFUL.

Canada has two flavors of Left Wing politics, and Justin Trudeau, for the most part, hijacked the NDP platform. The only positive thing that comes to mind when I think of Jagmeet’s statement is that maybe he’s hoping he brings Liberal supporters further to the left?

NDP leader says Liberal government is waging war against the working class | ctvnews.ca

Interesting times ahead