Review – Is it a scam?

Neucopia, which you can check out at, is a website that promotes a money making opportunity. Unlike other sites with similar goal, Neucopia claims that members will not only be given with multiple streams of income but will also be provided with means to have positive life experiences.

The company claims that they are capable of providing abundance to their members’ lives by partnering with the world’s best life coaches. The business opportunity being offered by Neucopia is multi level marketing or MLM. In this kind of business opportunity, you can’t be part of the group unless an existing member invites you.

More about Neucopia

The memberships available at Neucopia are claimed to be the best educational marketing products. The basic membership costs $49.95  with a monthly subscription fee of $49.95. Premier membership, on the other hand, costs $269.95 and has a monthly subscription fee $169.95.

In order to be active, Basic members have to make 2 sales while Premier members don’t have to have 2 sales to activate their membership. Once you have activated your membership, you are now able to earn a certain amount per sale. For Basic members, they can earn $25 per sale and $25 a month residual payment. Premier members can $100 per sale and 10% match on personally sponsored residual income.

Final thoughts on

The way Neucopia works is atypical of an MLM. In fact, it resembles more of a pyramid or Ponzi scam. In this kind of scheme, there’s no actual money in the company itself. The money earned in this kind of scam is from the contribution of new members. Thus, before you sign up in this kind of money-making opportunity, it would be better to read more about it. Reading reviews from those who have tried it also helps.

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