Never Allow Government to ban your right to bear arms: Canadian Military’s human resources officer under investigation for ‘historic’ sex misconduct – October 16, 2021,

First and foremost I want to make it clear, that I don’t know if the allegations are true, the goal post for “sex misconduct” keeps getting moved, and quite frankly I don’t know what that term or those words mean in Canada anymore. The regulations on people employed by the government are getting harder and harder every year and we all know this is leading to the best and brightest NOT working for the government, because adhering to so many rules and regulations is taxing on a person’s mind.

Believers in big government imagine that the people working for the government are like “Gods” worthy of our admiration and praise, those of us who don’t believe in big government wish the government would stick to doing what it’s supposed to do, protect our liberties, freedoms, and property. But here we are wasting money on all sorts of things that quite frankly Canadian citizens should be doing ourselves. Anyway, consider reading the following and tell me if it doesn’t sound strange to you?

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service revealed the investigation involving Lt.-Gen. Steven Whelan on Friday night, five months after he was installed as the head of military personnel command, which is responsible for everything from recruitment to promotions to health care.

Whelan took over from Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson, who stepped aside as the head of military personnel command in March due to a police investigation after a CBC report of alleged sexual assault; Edmundson has denied the allegations.

Military’s human resources officer under investigation for ‘historic’ sex misconduct

Knowing that another officer was under investigation for sexual misconduct, another officer decides now is a good time to repeat the actions of the prior officer? That story sounds a bit weird to me, but it sounds about right, depending on what the new definition of “sexual misconduct” means in 2021? I honestly do not know what “sexual misconduct” means in 2021?

Canada’s government appears to be in turmoil and Canadians can’t bear arms to defend themselves from tyranny

Canada isn’t exactly a war-mongering country and Canadian citizens aren’t exactly violent people. I’m almost confident that any and all gang problems in Canada would be solved if average Canadians could bear arms, which could shrink the size of the police force in most municipalities and provinces. Because the definition of what it means to be a criminal in Canada is so vast in so many provinces in Canada, that we have a correction officer shortage.

Violent criminals often feel emboldened to be violent because law-abiding gun owners can’t defend themselves. Criminals don’t stop being criminals just because the government says so, and as you’re observing in the military, criminal behavior exists within the government. Law-abiding gun owners shouldn’t be treated like criminals, because as we’re observing there appears to be an evergrowing systematic problem with our government, especially as laws change and more women are working for the government.

Women now dominate, teaching and health care, I suspect in time they’ll be the majority of politicians in Canada. Women tend to be more sympathetic to Leftist ideals and therefore one can expect that the women in government will prefer equity over equality, which equates to all sorts of weird laws being passed in the future. Human nature is such that even the remaining men in government will push the narrative they believe is for the “Greater good”.

This is all well and dandy, but what happens from here, is that you’ll see fewer of the best and brightest working for or even with the government. Competent people hate regulations that leave the door open for subjectivity. I’ve heard idiots in government ask why Western innovators leave Canada and America for COMMUNIST China? The answer should be obvious, but it’s not obvious when you’re writing the laws that change people’s perceptions of a particular career.

When you’re the person writing the laws and creating the regulations, in your mind you’re telling yourself there’s no big deal, these new rules and regulations are for the “greater good” of society. But when a prospect for the military as an example reads the rules and regulations and notices the subjectivity of particular interactions with particular individuals could jeopardize all their prior hard work, a lot of the best prospects just to be safe will opt to avoid certain careers altogether. I personally went to school with a lot of people who graduated as Nurses but never practiced Nursing.

What happens from there is that particular government positions get filled with neither the best nor the brightest and of course, this leads to the eventual decay of the government as the blind start leading the blind. I personally believe one of the reasons the world, in general, is moving so far to the left has to do with moral people avoiding working with or for the government. From an economics standpoint, I think we’re headed for an unavoidable economic disaster because political equity is the direct enemy of equality under the law.

Military’s human resources officer under investigation for ‘historic’ sex misconduct

Interesting times ahead