Founded by Maria Semple, an accredited Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Coach Time Line Therapy Practitioner, New Life Coaching offers services in Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching, and has successfully launched programs on smoking cessation and weight loss.

New Life Coaching Weight 101

New Life Coach has a weight loss program called Slim in 8. It’s a weight management solution that aims to help anyone achieve their desired weight through 6 hypnotherapy sessions. Unlike other weight loss programs, New Life Coach’s Slim in 8 focuses on addictions, emotions, stress, relationships, self love, beliefs, fears, habits, old associations, in addition to lifestyle concerns.

By signing up with this weight loss program from New Life Coach, you can lose around 3kg per month with improved sense of self-control and self-confidence.   In this program, you will be taught on how to utilize Kappasinian self-hypnosis,   how to use your brain for a change, how to let go of emotional baggage, and many more.

The entire program runs for 8 sessions and costs $1,100.

Final thoughts on

The combination of hypnosis and NLP for weight loss has long been used by other weight loss programs including those successful ones introduced by Bob Greene in his book “The Best Life Diet” and Paul McKenna in his book “I Can Make You Slim.”

If you’re tired of weight management programs that only focus on food and physical activity, then you might want to try the Slim in 8 from New Life Coach.

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