I’ve been reporting these advertorial news blogs for a little over a year now. They all offer similar scams and it seems to me they have no plans on slowing down. I will tell you this News 10 report is NOT a real news website, its nothing more than an advertorial to try to get you to sign up for On the news10reports website they use a character by the name of Stephanie Albion they also seem to be using the name Jessica Holcomb or Amy Livingston. When ever they create these fake news websites they create fictitious characters to match their fictitious stories. Before signing up for automatic profit systems I highly recommend reading the terms and conditions.

Updates!Also beware of and any other similar looking fake looking news website

In my opinion Stephanie Albion is a fake character created to get people to hand over their credit cards to automatic profit system and before you sign up again i highly recommend reading the terms and conditions i am hearing lots of stories about people being charged close to $200 from automatic profit system. Before signing handing over your credit card to anyone remember to read the terms and conditons I know this sounds repetitive but i don’t want anyone reading this to be another victim of automatic profit system. From My Perspective

The First thing i would like to make clear is that i am not a member of I’ve never joined the program I’ve never implemented the tactics used in their program. So anything you read in this post is only my opinion and is not to be confused with actual results a person might achieve implementing the program.

I am writing this but by the way this program is built from my perspective what i think will happen when you sign up is that there is some kind of upgrading offer on the other end. meaning after you pay $97.00 they will probably try to sell you something else. This is pure speculation on my part based on the design and the wording of website. There’s nothing really specific on the front sales page they don’t go into detail of what it is you would be getting.

It could be the best program in the world I just personally don’t trust it nor do I recommend it. News 10 Alerts looks alot like scam websites i’ve been exposing for month’s now. sounds and acts like a scam in itself. if it is a legit program from my view it’s doing a terrible job marketing itself. None the less if it has what you are looking for don’t let me stop you from signing up.


I need everyone to leave me a comment below. I live in upstate new york so the stephanie Albion site i might be seeing may be different from the one you are seeing. Please leave your comments below it helps others.

Updated Just a quick note and also thanks to those of you leaving comments they are using the name Jessica Holcomb now.

thank you

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