News-11-Today Scam

Researching this program it has all the makings of a scam first and foremost news 11 today is not a real news website if you look closely at the top you can see it is actually just an advertorial. secondly if you click on almost all the links it they will lead to a sales page called which will try to get your credit card information.

First it will take down your name email and phone number so they can contact you then they will try to sell you a package for $10 if try to click the back button or one of the exit buttons they will lower the price in hopes they can get your personal information. What bothers me the most about this program is to date May 7 2010 automated profit package does not have their terms and conditions page up and running which leads me to believe they have something to hide or that they are trying to scam people or even take peoples information and sell it.

Also the automatedprofitpackage website doesnt really explain what you will be getting which leads me to believe they will charge you $10 to join and then try to sell you something else on the other end probablly that you won’t need.

The only good news i see with this site is that they use clickbank and with clickbank you can cancel within 60 days and get a full refund. The bad part mainly with this site is no one has heard of them and there is a good chance they’re program doesn’t work.

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