Is a scam

Smart idea researching this company i’m not sure if your researching them after you signed up or before you signed up either way good job. Theres alot of deception going on oniline most of comes from what i like to call stupid business people trying to make a fast buck.

On the news3insider website it says “Breaking News: Internet Payday Now Hiring People To Work From Home” which if your new to the online world would give you the impression that “google” is hiring people to work from home. Well i’m here to inform you that this is far from the case. This website called News3insider is nothing more than an advertisement posing as a news website.

The job of this fake news website is to bring you and millions of other people to there order page which they will sell you a supposed google kit. You will be redirected to page with a timer clock counting down which is suppose to give the impression that you better sign up quick before this offer expires. This whole scene is very deceptive and tricks many people so if you were fooled dont feel embarrassed even us seasoned online professionals were fooled by it at first.

Anyway what you need to do in all circumstances and I want you to take me real serious here because this way you will be able to spot any all scams online. Once any company asks you for credit card online. It’s your job as a smart consumer to read the terms and conditions. if you dont get anything else from this post I wrote i want you to remember this. “ALWAYS READ THE TERMS and CONDITIONS.” especially once your credit card is involved.

If you can’t find the terms and conditions anywhere on the page and they are asking you for your credit card STAY AWAY just exit the page immediately because theres 99.9% chance that, that company is a scam. Now in this case I took the terms and conditions from the order page from “news3insider” and below you can see what it says.


Your Membership is the perfect tool to start making money on the Internet. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals. By submitting this form you are ordering Creative Search Training and the trial membership for $1.95 Instant Access. If you do not cancel within the 3-day trial period, you will be charged a one-time amount of $129.95. In addition, you will be provided access to an online Learning Center which will bill at $39.98, unless you cancel, 30-days from the date of enrollment and you will be re-billed every 30 days at $39.98 per month until cancelled. To cancel call 877-557-5473 M-F, 7am-5pm, MST within 3 days of the date you ordered.


Thats how people get scammed online 99.9% of the time. We dont read the terms and conditions so make it a habit that whenever someone or some company asks for your credit card that you read the terms and conditions.

TheWorkAtHomeAuthority Scam