Is New York Chronicle a SCAM

These fake news website are all around the internet a new one seems to pop up everyday everywhere. It seems like it wont ever stop. Eventually i’m guessing people will become used to it. The truth is many people are getting scammed by this on both sides everyday. Some people go by the saying if you cant beat them join them.

Well even they are being scammed because of all the hidden fees associated with these scam news websites. before you get involved with this type of hoax I recommend reading the terms and conditions which explains how much money these supposed $2.00 to join work at home jobs will cost your credit card. Below is the terms and conditions which this fake news website will charge your credit card you may want to check it out before signing up if you’ve signed up not knowing you might want to get a refund before they max out your credit card.

Another thing is please be warned by the fake characters that come with these fake news website characters such as Marie Thompson, or kelly Richards


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thats actually only part of the terms and conditions so you could just imagine how much money they could potentially be scamming out of you or people in general. Also if you signed up for both the ” Google Profit System” and the “Google Work From Home.” be advised that the terms and conditions seen above will apply twice and you will possibly have to cancel twice also. If you cant find the phone numbers or if the phone numbers are not working my recommendation is to call your credit card company and report your credit card lost or stolen IMMEDIATELY.

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