Nikki McCann Ramirez of Rolling Stone claims Donald Trump is “Done with Democracy” because out of 2.5 million ballots cast, Katie Hobbs defeated Kari Lake by less than 18,000 votes, and Lake filed a lawsuit 😂 – November 29, 2022,



In ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 2 Episode 8, Diego Luna, a Mexican actor who plays Mexican drug kingpin Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, is involved in voter fraud and, oddly enough, how they cover up the voter fraud is using similar tactics that we’re seeing in the modern era. Out of 2.5 million ballots cast, Katie Hobbs defeated Kari Lake by a little more than 17,000 votes.

Because of how the Arizona election was handled, it looks suspicious, a reminder that Arizona is a border State with Mexico and the current President of the United States has the WORST ILLEGAL immigration crisis in the history of America. If you’re an Arizonian, I’d ASSUME you’d care about the border crisis. But maybe you really hate Donald Trump, and Kari Lake is a huge supporter of Donald Trump, so maybe you choose open borders over Donald Trump.

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Democracy, I do think there’s a good chance Katie Hobbs won fair and square because Democracy revolves around voting for idiots to steal for you. The dumber the leader, the more free crap LAZY and IMMORAL people are likely to get from the government. So for myself at least, if Katie Hobbs won in a landslide, I wouldn’t be surprised at all; one of the top destinations for Californians to flee California for was and still is Arizona, and keep in mind while Californians were fleeing their self-inflicted shithole while a DEMOCRAT was Governor of Arizona.

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So if you’re a ballot harvester or if you’re a Democrat using every dirty democracy trick in the book, you’d likely capitalize on all of these left-wing Californians coming to Arizona. With Democracy, it’s only cheating if you’re caught, and Donald Trump knowing this, obviously is trying to get control of the narrative and fight for Kari Lake because let me be clear about something if Kari Lake loses, Donald Trump is FINISHED!

Where I take issue is Nikki McCann Ramirez claiming, “Trump, Done with Democracy” that sounds utterly ridiculous, and it’s one of the reasons Trump continues to find support amongst people who are feeling disenfranchised. If the things were reversed, which I suspect will happen in the future, you’re going to see Democrats do something similar to what Trump is doing; how do I know this? Because when Hilary Clinton lost, the Democrats claimed the 2016 election was fraudulent.

Trump, Done with Democracy, Calls on Kari Lake to Be ‘Installed’ as Arizona’s Governor |

Now, I can get behind the way the New York Post framed the story, which I found very comical because, for me, Democracy is comical, and the losers usually aren’t happy. Now in the past, if one side didn’t happen, JOURNALISTS would try to get to the bottom of what was really going on; for the record, the Mid-Terms were first called on November 8, 2022, the date in which I’m writing this post is November 29, 2022, and the results aren’t finalized yet? This is not some third-world country we’re talking about; this is America, and it’s almost taking ONE MONTH to count votes; by the way, Arizona is not America’s most populous state.

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So the mere fact they’re still counting votes is a clear sign of incompetence; oddly enough, one of Donald Trump’s prior election fraud claims was the result of voter machines, well, voter machines strangely stopped working during the Arizona elections? If you’re an UNBIASED media, you’d at least do some investigating, but you see, that’s the problem, and that’s why Trump has supporters in the first place; the media is disinterested in doing journalism and Trump continues to capitalize on it.

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Anyway, I don’t know what happened, but that’s a close election, and I think close elections are worthy of thoro recounts; if I were Trump, I would be very interested in this election because, in my opinion, Trumps 2024 election hopes are riding on the Arizona election, which is why he’s likely ratcheting up the election fraud claims because if he can prove election fraud that swayed an election in Arizona, it propels his election chances for 2024.

Trump demands election loser Kari Lake ‘be installed’ as Arizona governor |


Interesting times ahead!