No more government regulations please, using Social media is CHOICE: If a social media company is suppressing your freedom of speech stop using it and stop complaining – September 4, 2021,

I’m now hearing the words “politicians can’t win elections without social media” which is fueling the madness of regulating the internet. If you’ve been doing Internet Marketing for at least 15 years, you’d know that Internet Marketers built Goolge, they’re also the fuel that drives YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Everything was nice online until Barack Obama tapped into Internet marketing during his successful run for President. During that era, Barack Obama had the luxury of running against 2 Republican stiffs (John McCain and Mitt Romney), both of which Barack Obama easily destroyed. Now, the truth of the matter is that Barack Obama won those elections not just because of Social media, but because his opposition was horrible.

The politician that I’d argue ruined the internet was Donald Trump, who actually wasn’t popular because of his tweets, he gained popularity because of the Mainstream media, Donald Trump’s ego, made him believe that Twitter kept him popular, but what actually made him popular was all the negative press he received for being himself.

Now, many of us would often cringe thinking about what Donald trumps next Tweet would be, but because Trump was more pro-small business than any Democrat could ever think about being, most people jumped on board the Trump train, Trump also SURPRISINGLY had a foreign policy that has actually exposed the stupidity of traditional politicians, I’d love to read a book about Donald Trump’s foreign relations, because as soon as he left office, Biden who wanted to return America to the old normal has exposed that maybe the old normal was the root cause of all the prior wars.

Americans had been complaining about American foreign policy for years and Joe Biden has put a spotlight on the people behind the scenes who quite frankly might have no idea what they’re doing. This is why I don’t want social media being regulated by the internet because currently people have options to search for information that’s important to them and if Twitter, Facebook, or Google caters to specifics types of people who like being forced fed a particular narrative, I think that’s okay.

I personally think a lot of Western schools force-feed people a particular narrative and I don’t see the energy to change this as I see in attempting to regulate social media, which for the record is primarily for entertainment purposes. I do not want an internet that is like cable news. I hate cable news, I hate cable, I’ve always hated cable tv. Cable tv is filled with commercials, and you as a consumer pay to be brainwashed.

Commercials, commercialism pushes a narrative, I used to hear women saying that they didn’t like men who acted like Homer Simpson, men who consumed a lot of television began imitating their favorite characters. I saw something similar with women imitating Kim Kardashian, some humans, like to be brainwashed and I personally think it’s their right to be brainwashed if they volunteer themselves to that brainwashing.

What stops brainwashing is COMPETITION, when attractive women started saying they hate men that act like Homer Simpson, a lot of men began to change, and look to more masculine, smart men to emulate. Lately, I’ve seen women dumping the whole oversized butt and breast implant movement for a more natural look, this is because Kim Kardashian’s life as rich as she is, is a mess, and women who grew up watching her are able to do their own comparisons because they are seeing that there are other more talented women in the marketplace in which they can emulate.

Social media doesn’t need any regulations, it needs more competition and it also needs to get the politics OUT! I read an article in which Donald Trump wants to force Twitter to reinstate him, if this is true, that’s absolutely pathetic. Even if I love Trump hotels and I have the money to stay at a Trump Hotel and if Trump’s people don’t want me in their hotels, I think that’s their right to kick me out and tell me to never come back.

What I’m glad for is that there are other posh and upcoming hotels in the marketplace for me to choose from, furthermore I’m glad that Airbnb is a thing that gives me an alternative just in case Trump hotels don’t want my kind to stay there. Options, competition, choices this is what make society fabulous. there are alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube if you’re on any of these major platforms, do yourself a favor and admit you’re using them for fame or for money, stop with nonsense, please. Stop growing government and ruining society.

It makes me sick that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are being given these new powers over society. What I want is if there is any money or any existing regulations propping these entities up, I’d like those regulations removed. If they can’t be removed then stop promoting your oppressor and invest our time or money in a new startup. Stop regulating my internet, this is a chance for humanity to end poverty, stop allowing these idiot politicians to destroy the free world!

Interesting times ahead