No Threat of Violence When The Trudeau government invoked Emergencies Act: Police Had Canadian-U.S Border under control, Some Slow Rolling Vehicles, Let’s Talk About The OTTAWA Tow Truck Drivers – August 13, 2022

Regarding the legal basis for invoking the Emergencies Act, I don’t think there’s any. Trudeau should be CRIMINALLY charged for what he did. Where we are now, however, is trying to justify tyrannical behavior from the Federal Government of Canada. Obviously, a large chunk of Canadians don’t want Trudeau charged, which is why a lot of Trudeau supporters are looking for ways to frame the Emergencies Act invocation differently.

When you read the article below, you’ll notice they’re digging for a non-existent threat of “Violence” to use as the basis for the Emergencies Act, but there’s nothing there because if there was, the Police would have GLADLY and been in their right to respond to it. In Coutts, Alberta, which is a border town, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 13 people and seized some PRIVATE property that they initially claimed would be used with the Freedom Convoy.

But let’s be clear that even if you believe there was a threat, the RCMP had that situation under control WITHOUT the need for the Emergencies Act. The RCMP vs. 13 individuals? Are we being serious here? Do you mean to tell me municipal and Federal Police couldn’t handle 13 people? How were these 13 people at a small border town a threat to all of Canada?

These 13 people, by the way, were arrested without incident and below are the names and the reason for the arrest

Chris Carbert, 44, Chris Lysak, 48, Anthony Olienick, 39, and Jerry Morin, 40, have all been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, and mischief over $5,000.

— Chris Lysak is also charged with uttering threats.

— Jaclyne Martin, 39, Ursla Allred, 22, Joanne Person, 62, Luke Berk, 62, Evan Colenutt, 23, Johnson Law, 39, Justin Martin, 22, Eastin Oler, 22, and Janx Zaremba, 18, have all been charged with possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and mischief over $5,000.

Ages are as of the year 2022

RCMP release names of 13 people arrested, charged at Coutts, Alta., border blockade |

These individuals are still locked up as of the time this blog post has been published. The claim is some of them are linked to some sketchy organizations. Sure I’ll buy into that, but we’re talking about Trudeau, declaring himself a dictator for a small militia group, who, at best, are being charged with CONSPIRACY to commit murder? We don’t even know who they were planning to murder yet.

Now if we’re to be serious, the root cause of the reason the police weren’t able to QUICKLY make arrests revolved around Justin Trudeau’s REFUSAL to meet with the protestors. I’m just being honest; if it was me and I was being protested, I step out for like 5 minutes with all of my ARMED guards, attempted to engage in some dialogue and then tell the public the government can meet their demands because Canadian safety comes first.

This would have made it EASY for the police to start arresting people. Police morale was low because what are they supposed to do if protests are peaceful and the Prime Minister is REFUSING to dialogue? One of the main reasons climate change activists get arrested is because governments or their representatives attempt to dialogue, and once the dialogues fall flat, it’s easier for arrests to be made.

Mounties arrest 13 ‘militant’ protesters after guns, body armour seized at Coutts blockade |

The RCMP said the group had a ‘willingness to use force against the police’ if attempts were made to disrupt the blockade

Trudeau’s refusal to dialogue allowed the protests to get bigger and bigger as it showed COWARDESS on his part. The fish rots from the head down, and as the Premiers weren’t getting any solutions from Ottawa, the Premiers did what was within their powers to do because, remember, this was a FEDERAL PROTEST; this wasn’t a Provincial or municipal Protest.

Provincial and Municipal governments, including Ottawa Police, got stuck with the task of dealing with it. Being that all politicians are trying to get re-elected, they’re trying to handle the situation DELICATELY. Once you see the situation for what it is, you can then turn your attention to the TOW TRUCK drivers in Ottawa and their refusal to tow the trucks of the protesters. This, in my opinion, is what the Emergencies Act invocation revolved around, and there’s NOTHING VIOLENT about REFUSING to do a job!

OTTAWA — Two senior Mounties said they only asked banks to freeze the accounts of people and organizations who were actually at the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protests in Ottawa, and only after officers called most of the targeted protesters to warn them.
Banks were only asked to freeze accounts of ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters in Ottawa, and after most were warned: RCMP |

Now, if we’re to be honest, the cops need a reason to arrest someone, so from a common sense perspective, you can understand why the police would claim the 13 people arrested had a ‘willingness to use force against the police. There were NO kidnappings or prior murders related to the Freedom Convoy, and if the police had HARD evidence to backup their claims, they wouldn’t need the Emergencies Act to arrest these people.

The Emergencies Act has been enacted. Here’s what that means |
From compelling tow-truck drivers to haul out the big rigs, to freezing bank accounts, what does enacting the Emergencies Act mean?

So again, in my opinion, all roads point to Tow Truck Drivers and the OPTICS of how it would look if protestors were arrested and but these large trucks could NOT be moved quickly from the streets of Ottawa. Until you’ve seen a bunch of large trucks up close, you can’t appreciate the symbolizing of what it would look like if protestors were removed but Trucks were not being removed.

You have to feel for the people in Ottawa in all of this, but that’s not the purpose of this article; the purpose of this article revolves around the justification of invoking the Emergencies Act. Now, let me point out that if I were a resident of Ottawa that DID not like these protests, I would be HAPPY Trudeau did what he did, even if he was 100% responsible for it happening in the first place.

So, you can see why conservative groups don’t want to use the angle I’m referring to because some people will have sympathy for Trudeau, but he ABUSED his powers, and in my opinion, he or whoever is responsible needs to be arrested.

Cabinet learned of potential ‘breakthrough’ as Trudeau government invoked Emergencies Act |

Interesting times ahead!