Nobody talks about the costs of Autonomous Car MAINTENANCE😑: A new SOFTWARE update kills heating in some Tesla vehicles during cold Canadian winter – January 8, 2022,

So, I use a lot of software, and the softwares I use, need upgrades, the creators of the software I use in most instances require that I pay them a monthly or annual fee in order for them to maintain the software, this is an additional expense for their labour. Now, long before the pandemic, there was a labor shortage of auto mechanics, many of whom now would be wise to take a course in engineering, because these modern cars in my opinion are being overly-engineered.

I fully comprehend that people who want the option of having a car that looks like the inside of a spaceship have the ability to do so, but a lot of these features in modern cars are stupid. Why in the hell is the heating system in a Tesla connected to a software update? Oh, oh I know why because what used to be basic analog features are now complex DIGITAL features.

a simple thermostat could tell a driver the temperature of the car, but of course, the engineers most likely wanted to give the driver an in-depth analysis of the temperature of the car, and therefore, an update all of a sudden gets a bit more complicated. Because when there’s an upgrade, it’s easy for the software engineer to overlook the importance of a previously created application.

People who code in javascript as an example know, that one error in code could render an entire script useless. I bring up Autonomous Car MAINTENANCE because this could become a serious problem with self-driving cars. One error in code and you’re in a death machine, furthermore, hackers have already proved that they can hack a Tesla.

Let’s hope Hackers don’t get smart and start kidnapping Tesla or autonomous drivers because if a hacker or a group of hackers find a loophole in your Autonomous vehicle it might be an easy way for those hackers to make some easy money. Plus the government and the auto manufacturer will likely pay the ransom to avoid the bad press. I’m not a fan of Autonomous vehicles and this software update that led to the heating malfunctions in some Teslas, proves my point.

Cars kill more people than guns, even in trigger happy America, where gun Homicides peaked in 2020 @ 13620, auto accidents causing death was above 35,000, now as we know in America, most of the shootings are black gang bangers in Democrat-run cities shooting other black people, Car crashes have no racial demographics, car crashes occur because of a plethora of reasons, some of those reasons, however, are vehicle maintenance-related.

One of the reasons vehicles are so expensive to maintain is all the new and unnecessary technology. A lot of people avoid seeing a mechanic because of the price tag, the cost to maintain a Tesla is very expensive, yes Electric Vehicles(EVs) have fewer moving parts, but Tesla currently has a monopoly on maintenance of its vehicles possibly for good reason because as you can clearly see a software update can render its heating system useless.

Now, let’s imagine Tesla doesn’t monopolize its car maintenance, what will happen is that mechanics, looking to save money for their customers, will likely seek to find alternatives to authentic Tesla parts, which as you can clearly see can become problematic if a software update wants to communicate with a particular part in Tesla’s EV, because again with a lot the car parts, the software is expecting to get a specific response from a specific part when it updates.

Now, if I own a Tesla and I’ve been going to Joe-Blows mechanic to save money on maintenance costs, all of a sudden a Tesla update might make Tesla Inc. liable for a lawsuit. For people like myself, I’m not against EV’s what I am against are these complex overly engineered cars, which should be reserved for people who can actually afford to maintain them.

People have been making EV’s since the 1800’s there’s absolutely no reason that people should be forced to have software in their car that can affect their heating system? This is beyond stupid, and it’s becoming the norm in a lot of modern cars.

Update kills heating in some Tesla vehicles during cold Canadian winter |

Interesting times ahead!