Now That It’s Pretty Obvious Justin Trudeau ILLEGALLY Invoked The Emergencies Act, Will Jagmeet Singh Give Justin Trudeau parliamentary immunity? Can The People’s Party of Canada Replace the NDP? – October 27, 2022,




I’m not sure if that’s the popularity of Pierre Poilievre sweeping the nation, but Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada haven’t been making the headlines, nor have I been receiving emails from them, yes Rumble is, and other liberty-based social media platforms are gaining in popularity, and quite frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if Rumble becomes a SERIOUS threat to Youtube, but if a SNAP election is called today, I worry about the People’s Party of Canada(PPC).

Nothing would make me happier than for the PPC in the next election to crack 1 million votes while Pierre Poilievre likely becomes the next Prime Minister of Canada. Even if it were possible, I wouldn’t want the PPC to win the next election under the FALSE pretenses of what LIBERTY actually means. Once an individual embraces liberty, they’ll likely never want to return to tyranny, which is why Left politics revolves around giving voters free stuff.

I actually see Jagmeet Singh siding with Justin Trudeau during RECORD HIGH consumer price inflation as a good thing for the liberty movement. In Ontario, NDP and Liberal voters didn’t even bother to show up to the polls because most Canadians do not want to be held responsible for the destruction of their standard of living. Instinctively a lot of Ontario votes know something is wrong, they might not know exactly what’s wrong, but they know something is wrong.

Why I bring up PROVINCIAL politics in an article that revolves around Federal politics is that ONTARIO plays an important role in the Federal election, Ontario can outvote Western Canada, and, quite frankly, the Party to watch in all of this is the NDP. I ask myself why someone would vote for the NDP if they can vote for the Liberals. The answer to that question, for me anyway, is that the voter doesn’t want to be held responsible for destroying their own country.

The immigrant population in Canada continues to grow, and one of the scariest things for me with immigration growth is the number of immigrants getting into politics who know NOTHING about our political system. Some of these newly arrived Canadians, just like some old-stock Canadians, want money and the glory that comes along with being a politician and care little about the DAMAGE they can cause to the nation as a whole.

John Ivison: Singh’s grasp on economics suggests he’s visiting from Planet Moneybags |

We recently got a glimpse into Jagmeet Singh’s views on the economy, and it’s actually quite shameful and SCARY that he managed to get over 3 million votes; he clearly knows very little about the economy. We all know that Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister primarily because he’s a “Trudeau.” But for Jagmeet Singh, one has to question if the people voting for him are doing so not because they necessarily like him or his policies but because they don’t like Justin.

If that’s the case, the next Federal election could mirror the Ontario election, which could equate to a lower voter turnout. But in the meantime, I don’t think this is the time for Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada to shy away from the public. It would be nice if the PPC fought to replace the NDP, this may sound ridiculous now, but, it might not see so crazy in 10 years.

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In the 2022 Quebec Provincial election, Éric Duhaime of the Conservative Party of Quebec received 530,000+ votes. That’s pretty amazing, being that his stances align closely with the People’s Party of Canada. Éric Duhaime, if you’re unaware, has his own radio show in Quebec, and the beauty of Radio is that it allows the listener to listen and, most importantly, critique the radio personality.

It’s hard to deny liberty once you understand what it is; a lot of fo people are born and raised to hate liberty and trust their political masters and thought leaders, as you’ll notice on this blog, even if you disagree with me, you’ll notice that it’s ORIGINAL content. I’ve been touched by lady liberty, and therefore I volunteer to challenge tyranny.

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The NDP has ALWAYS been a tyrannical political party; the difference now, as compared to when the NDP was first created, was that socialism was very popular when the NDP was first formed; in the modern era, socialism is not popular; what is popular however is the WELFARE STATE and Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh whether they understand it or not are destroying the welfare state in Canada.

So if you’re a leftist, at the very least, you know the Conservatives are all about the economy; this doesn’t mean that Leftists will show up for the Conservative Party; however, what they will do is ignore the political cycle altogether, why this should mean something to Maxine Bernier is that there are people who will want to know WHY the Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau coalition isn’t working, why is the Conservative Party so powerful, these people will ask, and that’s where I think the PPC can step in and promote Liberty.

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I know that many Conservatives they’re asking themselves, what do I mean by the “Conservative party is powerful? Can’t I see the Liberals are stealing our freedoms” Yes, if you’re a Conservative, you see what’s going on, but for a Left winger focused on their own objectives, they don’t see “progress” happening fast enough, and they want to know what the hold-up is?

You can’t manipulate someone who has been touched by lady liberty, and that’s how we change the culture in this country via EDUCATION. With the Liberals and the NDP, the snake oil they’re selling is “Trust Us,” well if you’re the PPC, instead of focusing on the Conservatives, the NDP voters, many of who are not in unions, should be your primary target because one thing I do know is that a lot of Canadians who might vote for the PPC will vote for Pierre Poilievre to get rid of Justin Trudeau, the people Maxime should be focused on in my opinion are the NDP voters and the people who don’t vote. If Maxime Bernier cracks a million in the next election, it changes everything!

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This emergencies Act inquiry is proving to be damning for Justin Trudeau, I’m certain people in the NDP want Jagmeet to hold the line and milk Trudeau for everything they can get, but the economy in Canada is getting WORSE, meaning that this alliance between Trudeau and Singh, might be costing both of them votes and popularity, this is not the time for the PPC to attack Pierre Poilievre, it’s the time for them to attack the NDP!

Rex Murphy: Singh betrays NDP with pledge to grant Trudeau parliamentary immunity |

Interesting times ahead!