Arctic permafrost has been diminishing for many CENTURIES: Now that Political Climate Change is all the rage, Canadian Government incompetence’s in IQALUIT, Nunavut found a new scapegoat – October 18, 2021,

A CBC article caught my attention when it stated “Group delivers water to people without cars after fuel contaminates pipes in Iqaluit” it’s an unfortunate reality that Wastewater Treatment is very expensive, not only is it expensive, it requires constant maintenance, from highly trained engineers, contractors, etc. Because of the Leftist policies in Canada and First Nations groups’ loyalty to the Liberal Party, it’s very difficult to get Wastewater Treatment to these communities.

What government doesn’t tell believers in big government is that the Government is BROKE, the government has no money, any money the government has come via taxes or via borrowing, and when the government spends, the idea behind it is that there’s supposed to get a return on their investment. Because market forces are often banned or heavily regulated in regions like IQALUIT, Nunavut and Iqaluit has no road or rail and only has ship connections for part of the year to the rest of Canada, you can see why ‘fuel contaminates’ can occur when goods are being boated into Iqaluit.

Because Iqaluit like many other First Nations communities are taught to be anti-free markets and anti-oil etc. you can’t blame their people for assuming that the GOVERNMENT and not the market can help to solve the challenges they face. Market aside, this Iqaluit situation is one of the reasons I don’t believe in a one size fits all education system.

I do charity work in third world nations, and one of the things that annoy me is how the children are being educated, children in many poor regions are given a Western Style education and are often taught little to nothing about how to manage and maintain the needs of their own community. If let’s say you’re anti-free market or anti-capitalism, ok fine, no problem, but why then aren’t the children being taught about Wastewater Treatment? especially if that’s a major problem in their community?

Wastewater Treatment is a matter of survival for these people and Wastewater Treatment is a problem for most people in these small communities that government can’t solve because it’s very expensive to get people out to these regions for Wastewater Treatment. As you’ll notice when you read the article below, people would rather throw money or throw resources at the problem, rather than tell the Iqaluit people the truth of their dilemma.

The earth has been warming for CENTURIES(hundreds of years), there are challenges we have regarding our planet, but blaming fuel or permafrost for what’s happening in Iqaluit is preposterous. How about being honest for a change and telling the people of Iqaluit that a basic wastewater treatment system is expensive to maintain and the people working with the government and the private sector can find a common solution?

In Canada, we’ve been brainwashed into believing in BIG GOVERNMENT. On the topic of Socialism, Over 10 million people lack access to quality drinking water in Russia and 60 percent of the country’s population drinks water from contaminated wells? Why, because of Socialism, Russia, similar to Canada has an abundance of land and because both countries have big FEDERAL governments, it’s often very difficult to get market forces to stay in these small regions.

In western countries, the private sector is taxed or incentivized to finance Wastewater Treatment, it might not look like it on the surface, because Government takes all the credit, but the luxuries many of take for granted, come via the PROFIT-DRIVEN private sector

Most of the luxuries Canadians take for granted come via our DEMONIZED private sector, that’s often told it’s not paying its fair share In many of these First Nations communities, they’re anti-capitalism and that’s fine, but someone needs to tell them, that luxuries come via the PRIVATE SECTOR. The Canadian government is in MASSIVE DEBT, the Government has no MONEY, nor can the government FORCE private contractors to work in these regions.

Even in Communist China, the government can’t force people to do things, all sorts of shotty work occur in Communist China when the government is involved, this often occurs because government people and believers in big government are often short-sighted-This or that contractor is easily replaceable, let’s blame them for everything-Setting this precedence leads to fewer people wanting that government job, in communist countries you can be jailed or killed if you work for the government and you get blamed for something that might not even be your fault, so the best and brightest avoid doing certain jobs.

I’ve heard stories about how Private contractors are treated in these first nations communities, it’s not a pleasant experience for many of these contractors to go to these regions, because again Wastewater Treatment is a maintenance related problem, you don’t do Wastewater Treatment one time and that’s it, it requires constant maintenance by actual highly skilled humans.

The Champagne socialists assume throwing money at problems will solve problems, but there’s a COST of doing business and no private contractor wants to be given the blame when they do Iqaluit Wastewater Treatment a year ago and then nobody follows up because the money the government gave to Iqaluit is spent on other things and then the CBC does a news story about a corrupt Wastewater Treatment contractor who does poor services to a poor helpless Iqaluit community.

That’s how these stories get written, now that there’s a political climate change scapegoat? I assume the new plan for the central planners is to blame climate change for the Iqaluit Wastewater Treatment problem? Very sad what’s happening in Canada, very, very sad.


Group delivers water to people without cars after fuel contaminates pipes in Iqaluit |

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