Nutri System found at is a nutritionally balanced weight loss program. It specializes on calorie-controlled meals delivered straight to your door. Their diet is a combination of low-fat and low glycemic index carbohydarates. This combination is said to promote weight loss as it helps stabilize the dieter’s blood sugar level and banish cravings.

Just like any meal delivery service, NutriSystem has this ‘fresh frozen’ program. This makes their program suitable for people with busy lifestyle, who can’t afford to cook healthy meals by themselves. This is also for people who don’t mind cooking frozen food. The company has been delivering healthy meals since 1972 but it was only in 2008 and 2009 when it started to deliver meals in Canada and Japan, respectively.

More about the NutriSystem

Dieters have the option to choose among the program’s different meal plans: The Basic/Core Plan (Men and Women), the Silver Plan (Men, Women, and Seniors), The Diabetic II Plan (Men and Women), and the Unisex Vegetarian Plan. Each of these is designed to provide the dieter with the needs specific for his or her condition. NutriSystem claims that their meals are not just nutritionally-balanced and healthy, they are also tasty.

For each meal plan, dieters can choose between the ‘favorites’ menu and ‘custom’ menu. Wit the ‘favorites’ menu, the dieter will be provided with the most popular meals on that specific meal plan while with the ‘customs’ menu, the dieter has the liberty to choose for herself/himself specific meals. NutriSystem encouraged the dieters to supplement their special diet with a fruit or vegetable.

As to fitness, NutriSystem provides its members with a free exercise DVD and Mindset Makeover Guide. What’s more, the website has an online weight loss diary to help one keep track of his/her diet, exercise, water and vitamin intake, and progress.

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Aside from offering one of the most economical meal plans in the market these days, NutriSystem also has one of the most commendable community support. Other than the usual forums and chat rooms for dieters to exchange their weight loss ideas and stories, the website also provides users with the chance to consult  nutrition and fitness experts regarding their weight loss plans and progress.

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