nyguardian.com Scam

So you might want to know is NY guardian a scam well, to answer your question all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the fine print it basically tells you every thing you need to know there.

this type of program usually only works for people who like pyramid schemes. if you were to click on one of the links it would take you to page that says something like “Google home Income” or make money from google, or get your google kit. All f these things are the same.

If you ordered this program or “kit” i hope you read the terms and conditions because it states the following.


July 7, 2009

Here at My Online Cash Secrets we sincerely believe that you will love this product and will be very impressed with the results that you receive from My Online Cash Secrets. We are devout financial enthusiasts and are very excited about all of the benefits that this product is bringing to people’s lives. Please note, this is an educational product that is designed to teach you how to use the internet to make money. This is in no way a job, and in no way a guarantee to make money. The product costs $205.59 plus a $1.97 activation fee, so you will conveniently be billed every month starting on day 7 for 3 total months.  (“lol”)

By placing your order for My Online Cash Secrets you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. You also agree that by submitting an order this will serve as your digital signature and that you agree to the below terms. When you order the Risk Free Trial of My Online Cash Secrets you will be charged only $1.97 (non-refundable) for access to the The My Online Cash Secrets training program. You will have a full 7 day risk free trial period from your original purchase date to decide if the My Online Cash Secrets program is right for you. At the end of your 7 day trial period you will be charged $68.53 for access to the The My Online Cash Secrets program.

If you find My Online Cash Secrets is not right for you, simply contact our Customer Service Department to cancel your membership within 7 days of your purchase date and you will not be charged any additional fees. To cancel within your 7 day trial period please call 877-340-4694, available Monday thru Friday 9:00AM to 9:00PM EST or email [email protected]



Well there you have it just so you know what you would be getting yourself into. If you want to make money online with no investment you might want to check out the programs below. Better track record and no cost to join

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