Is the NZT Pill Fake

In short The NZT Pill is a very intelligent way of Hollywood fighting back against the internet. More information about NZT can be found by going to . To get a better idea about “the clear pill” once you land on their website make sure you read the fine print. Especially the part that reads; “This film is not yet rated”. The NZT Pill is a very clever marketing ploy for the 2011 film Limitless (formerly titled The Dark Fields).

Youtube Promo Video’s for the movie 2011 Movie Limitless

Some of viral movies making their way around the internet are below check them out.

This video below actually has two different versions in the other they omit from using the words NZT

Will the NZT48 Pill idea be a huge hit?

I guess depending on the success of this viral movie marketing campaign we might expect to see more of this. Either way I find the idea very gutsy. If there really was a pill like NZT would you take it? In my opinion the truth is a lot of people would take it. Plus seeing the way the movie ended i’m sure there will people that would sell their soul for this clear pill

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