The (OFL) The Ontario Federation of Labour unions supports defunding the police – June 26, 2021,

Learned some sad news today, as many people in Ontario know, the Ontario Federation of Labour who are currently running advertisements against Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford have aligned themselves with the Defun The Police movement?

That’s very unfortunate to hear because in Ontario we have some of the strictest gun control laws on law-abiding un owners. This means that many of us already can’t protect ourselves from criminals who don’t care about the gun control laws.

In short, what OFL is effectively pushing for is for us to be sitting ducks for the criminal elements in Ontario. Most of the gun crimes in Ontario occur from criminals who don’t register their firearms and don’t care about gun regulations.

What I’m getting at here is that because the majority of Canadians have opted for strict Gun regulations the municipal and provincial Police play an important role in our security. The mere fact that the Ontario Federation of Labour is aligned with Defunding the police in Canada? is very troubling.

Anyone considering joining the Ontario Federation of Labour’s fight to beat Doug Ford in the upcoming election should make sure they visit the OFL website and learn more about what that group stands for. Out of all the government services I can think of cutting the Police are the last on the list. If you’re an Ontarian who loves gun control, try and remember that most of the shootings in Ontario occur from people who don’t care about our laws and police presence is our only protection against criminals with guns who don’t care about the obeying the law.

In Ontario, it’s rare that a criminal will open fire when there’s a police presence. If you’re going to join the OFL in their fight against Doug Ford make sure that you’re fully aware of their positions on all issues. You don’t need the OFL to beat Doug Ford, they’re nothing more than a special interest group that has its own objectives.

this is the current Ontario Federation of Labour( defund the police page Don’t let criminality destroy Ontario!

Interesting times ahead