Dr. Fauci admits ‘modest’ NIH funding of Wuhan lab but denies ‘gain of function’ - The Fauci derived Omicron variant

Dr. Fauci admits ‘modest’ NIH funding of Wuhan lab but denies ‘gain of function’ – The Fauci derived Omicron variant

Omicron is a clear sign of Left-Wing Racism: Omicron has caused panic, but no reported deaths yet? Less than 6% of people in Africa are vaccinated from COVID-19 – November 28, 2021

Left-wingers in the modern era have used MASS FEAR campaigns to push their agendas. Let’s be clear in the modern era, Left-wing politics is dead, it was dying a slow death, in the 1990s most Left-Wing politicians were changing their socialist stances and embracing free markets, in Canadas an example it was the Liberal Party of Canada that began shrinking government, then the inevitable happened, the internet and technology created deflation all over the economy, not economic deflation, price deflation, which then, of course, led to wage stagnation because after all wages are nothing more than prices with a fancy government name.

Wage deflation should have led to a lower cost of living, but as we know, government people, labour union financiers, they imagine wage deflation as a bad thing, because after all technology replacing government and certain parts of the private sector because of prior silly government regulations, would have limited Left-wing political influence on society, so now all of sudden, the earth is going to die because of man-made climate change so we need new taxes and regulations for that, can’t let a common cold go to waste, so everyone mask up and enrich the pharmaceutical companies and oh let’s not forget, white supremacy is everywhere, so let’s add more social justice regulations to Western economies.

When Covid-19 really began to spook people was when it hit an aging population in Italy, a lot of younger Italians emigrate from Italy because the Italian government has regulated its economy to death and if you’re going to overly regulating an economy to the point that “Worker cooperatives” are basically the only way to benefit from the regulations, you know the Italian economy is on its death bed, I bring this up because Covid-19 was causing a lot of deaths in Italy because of Italy’s aging population.

It’s very difficult to be a productive young person in Italy and find any economic benefit, the mere fact that “Worker cooperatives” to a degree are flourishing in Italy is a HORRIBLE sign. But you see, Left Wingers, see things in a manner they choose and what Covid-19 represents is a way to socially engineer society. To date, Omicron hasn’t killed anyone in Africa? This is saying a lot because Africa has the LOWEST vaccination rates of any continent.

Why Africa, which has less than 6% of people vaccinated, is ‘least affected’ by COVID-19 | firstpost.com

It’s not like Africans, don’t have an aging population, Life expectancy in Africa is 63 years for males and 66 years for females. The average life expectancy globally was 71 years for males and 75 years for females in mid-2021. The numbers I’m quoting there are the “average”, the numbers look a lot different when you start to do the mean, median, and mode with these numbers. North Africans as an example have a life expediency of 73 and 75.

As I’ve been saying for years, Africa has a SOCIALISM problem, most African countries, unfortunately, have allowed socialism to flourish on the continent which kills the incentive for anyone to invest there. But on the flipside, Africans often find organic or cheaper alternatives to Western pharmaceuticals. In Western countries, we’re bombarded by propaganda, in Africa, they have their own communities, I believe there are 2000+ ethnic groups on the continent, meaning that spreading propaganda there is no easy task.

With that said, Left Wingers made sure to attach “South Africa” to its Omicron variant, to strike fear into people because after all, Left-Wingers love doing this. Although Aids really blew up when Magic Johnson made the announcement in 1992, it was Bill Clinton and the Democrats who initiated the global fear campaigns.

Left-wingers are always talking about population control, shrinking the population of the world, China invented a one-child policy? one of the reasons communist China was hit so hard by Covid-19 is because of its aging population because of its one-child policy. Mass fear is what Left-Wingers do and I find it really interesting how they’re labeling this “Omicron” variant.

It hasn’t killed anyone yet? and again I’m pointing out that Less than 6% of people in Africa are vaccinated from COVID-19? If Omicron was let’s say as bad as ebola, it would be killing people, but no it’s only been discovered and as everyone knows, the Spanish Flu has been mutating for years, it never stopped mutating it never will stop mutating and Covid-19 is part of that same family.

Here’s why WHO skipped 2 Greek letters to name new variant ‘Omicron’ | globalnews.ca

Influenza prior to the discovery of covid-19 was breaking records, killing people at a record clip, but nobody cared, because there’s a FLU vaccine? Well, last I checked there’s a covid-19 vaccine, several of them and if I’m, to be honest, I don’t think the experts can tell the difference between a mutating covid-19 and a mutating Influenza.

This is why Africans have been focused on TREATMENT instead of vaccinations. hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin both of which are cheap and used by some to battle covid-19 are thrown out as an option for people in western countries because they’re cheaper alternatives and of course, make Covid-19 an afterthought for people.

Fauci admits ‘modest’ NIH funding of Wuhan lab but denies ‘gain of function’| nypost.com

Influenza is an afterthought because there are a plethora of over-the-counter treatments for it. Left-wingers don’t want you to ever imagine an over-the-counter treatment for Covid-19, because they wouldn’t be able to scare you into submission. No reported deaths of Omicron in a continent in which only 6% of the population is vaccinated and by the way not everyone in South Africa is black, about 24% of South Africans aren’t black.


Ranking of countries with the highest prevalence of HIV in 2000 and 2020 | statista.com


People would be wise to get ahead of this narrative Now! If Omicron is proven the most deadly of all variants, ok, but so far it’s killed nobody in a country where a small fraction of the population is vaccinated. By the way, the reason I talked about aids earlier in this post is that South Africa has the fourth largest aids population in the world and Africa, in general, has the most aids cases in the world, one would think aids combined with covid-19 would have a devastating effect? But it hasn’t? Not yet anyway, I’m glad Africans stand up when they recognize tyranny.

Sen. Paul: Fauci emails prove he knew of Wuhan gain-of-function research | nypost.com

The propagandists have been unsuccessful so far in brainwashing Africans, whose population continues to grow even though the continent is constantly being bombarded with diseases? potentially being brought there from people involved in Gain of function research.
What used to be conspiracy theory is now proven to be true, to the point, that Dr. Fauci has successfully renamed and relabeled the definition of what Gain of function research is. Western nations need to wake up and at the very least start asking some questions and demanding answers!

Australia confirms 2 omicron cases as travel curbs tighten | abcnews

Interesting times ahead!