One Of the many problems with Fiat Money and Consumer Price Inflation, government numbers and ideas EXPOSED: Canada March wholesale trade likely down 0.3% – Statscan flash estimate – April 25, 2022,

If you listen to THE so-called EXPERTS they’ll often argue that the minimum wage law does no damage to the economy, these idiots ignore jobs being OUTSOURCED to other nations. There are people who as an example are experts on central banks and banking, many of them will RIGHTFULLY argue that the money supply isn’t expanding as much as we think it is.


I always have to stop these folks and remind people that Fiat money is NOT real money and most of the fiat money being printed is coming from PRIVATE banks in the form of DEBT. What does this mean exactly, it means during an ECONOMIC downturn, the economy will be DEFLATING. If the economy is DEFLATING and consumer price inflation is running rampant? WTF am I talking about.

You see this is where the GOVERNMENT comes in, because you have to remember that when the government creates regulations like the minimum wage or rental controls, or carbon taxes, these policies are WEALTH redistribution schemes. Wealth redistribution schemes that come from the government have NOTHING to do with making the economy more EFFICIENT or even better, wealth redistribution schemes hope to put CAPITAL into areas the government deems more acceptable to a vision it has for the future of the world.


No, if money was backed by something tangible like Gold, the government power would be limited, but as I like to point out this modern form of DEMOCRACY which grants too much power to the government would destroy a gold standard, because if your business does better than mine, I can run to the government and to the majority of voters and argue that the government should make my business more valuable than yours because I can ague to the democratic process that your fossil fuel energy business is not as clean and responsible as my solar panel, wind turbine, and lithium battery business.

Now if money was GOLD there’s nothing the government could do, but if money was backed by gold or if we were on a fiat monetary system as we are now, the political leaders via decree can say the “science is settled” and therefore the government declares a state o emergency and these wealth redistribution schemes we call “climate change” must be enacted for the greater good of humanity.

a gold standard means NOTHING, Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR) the 32nd U.S. President of the United States was one of the most popular presidents in U.S history who believed in wealth redistribution, he championed minimum wages and SOCIAL security. Democracy voted FDR in, via a landslide. When FDR was voted in there was a Gold Standard, in order to pay for FDRs dream, FDR found a way to alter the gold standard.

I bring this up because people who think a gold standard will fix democracy are dreaming, the real problem is financial ignorance, democracy wanting SOMETHING for nothing. The greatest BANKING invention in history is fractional reserve banking, which works with or WITHOUT government approval of any money supply. Once there is an acceptable form of money that people are willing to transact in, profit-driven banks can get involved, but any person deciding to get involved with said the private bank has to comprehend the RISKS involved.

A private bank can go bust. The idea of fiat money and central banking however is that the GOVERNMENT banks can’t go bankrupt and most governments borrow money from PUBLIC banks they have some degree of control over. The forex markets revolve around this and the forex markets along with the powers that be have decided that certain countries(Canada is one of them) should have reserve currency status.

Currency reserve status means that even if Canada struggles to manufacture things like it once did, the Canadian government via the foreign exchange markets might still have a strong performing currency. I bring this up because this is one of the reasons why you’ll read from some so-called economists who will claim raising the minimum wage has no bearing on the economy.

Ofcourse raising the minimum wage has bearing on the economy if it didn’t, jobs wouldn’t be leaving Canada because of the minimum wage hike. But if let’s say consumer price inflation isn’t running as rampant in Canada as it is in Argentina, because the forex markets don’t view the Argentine peso as a world reserve currency, the economists can point to this as evidence that the minimum wage was successful.

In Asian nations like China and Japan, their governments only care about controlling the MEANS OF PRODUCTION so you’ll often see a lot of Asian nations intentionally DEBASING their currency in the foreign exchange markets, so they can keep a stranglehold on the means of production. Now if you have control over the means of production, there are many ways to control DOMESTIC consumer price inflation.

There GLOBAL price of oil is still low, but the price of oil in developed nations that have embraced putting an arbitrary price on carbon has skyrocketed in recent years. No, because a democratically elected “progressive” governments are horrible investors, they have yet to find a VIABLE alternative to fossil fuel energy.

Because they have yet to find an alternative, the inner workings of the economy are crumbling, but you see if you just look at the numbers, it doesn’t look as bad as you might think. It’s one of the reasons why the government is trying to avoid “recession” because government expansion of rules and regulations on an economy, while there’s a recession, is a disaster because unless a new great invention is presented to the world to solve its energy needs, these newly created regulations will make it harder for the private sector to dig itself out of a recession, which oddly enough might equate to government revenues nose-diving.

The article I point to is short and is probably being ignored by most people, but it’s a very important message about the economy because I’d argue those numbers are already manipulated for the BENEFIT of the Canadian government and they’re still down.

CORRECTED-Canada March wholesale trade likely down 0.3% – Statscan flash estimate |

Interesting times ahead!