One of The Reasons I’m an Individualists: Pierre Poilievre’s embrace of “Diagolon” Costs Him Dearly, Conservative leader has referred rape threats concerning his wife to the RCMP – September 26, 2022,




Whenever I write one of my daily posts, the goal is not to force the reader to think in the exact same way think, instead it’s to open the individual mind to the ideas of INDIVIDUALISM because in my opinion, the problems in this world stem from COLLECTIVISM. Some of these so-called Conservative groups are only upset because their collectivist thoughts eventually reach their doorstep.

What I mean by this is that there are a lot of Conservative GROUPS in this country that I disagree with. Some of these groups are RIGHTFULLY labeled Fascist organizations in that they’re mostly upset because their collectivist ideals are now being AIMED at them. In the United States, you have actual conservatives who don’t want the government doing background checks for Guns, and for a lot of people this is Anarchy, but as you can see in the United States, cities and States with the highest GOVERNMENT gun control laws have the highest rates of GUN crime.

What is the Diagolon extremist group and what does it want? |

Do guns kill people, or do people kill people? This is a question a believer in SMALL government will argue; in Canada, we have a lot of Canadians who wouldn’t harm a fly advocating for more gun controls and more government interventions because they fear their fellow Canadians who very well might be up to no good having access to firearms, so these “conservatives” accept or lobby the government to have gun controls and other regulations, that they hope will benefit certain segments of Canadians.

Once these”Conservatives” accept this premise that Big Government knows best, eventually, the Government these gun control lovers used to like then declare war on law-abiding gun owners. I’m picking on gun control laws, but this is how Big Government is created; it’s created by “Conservatives” giving away their rights for government SECURITY, and now we’re in a state in Canada in which the government wants to interfere in EVERY aspect of Canadian life, and it’s hard to argue against it if you want the government to do things it wasn’t DESIGNED to do.

Pierre Poilievre’s dangerous dance with a Diagolon extremist |

Some of these so-called Conservatives are indeed either racist or they’re sympathetic to National Socialism movements, and Pierre Poilievre made the error in the minds of some of these people to marry a Venezuelan woman, which makes some people with racist ideologies TRIGGERED, as it plays into their great replacement theory.

One could argue maybe it’s because these “Diagolon” people aren’t comfortable being around Non-White people, and they’re trying to find soft spots in Pierre Poilievre? I don’t know their motivations, I don’t know if they have a sick sense of humor, but the mere thought that they could be so insensitive is typically the result of ONLY surrounding yourself with people who think in the same or similar manner as you think, and assuming everyone around you should just ACCEPT it.

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When people have substantive debates, vocabularies tend to EVOLVE; it’s not so much about censoring yourself; it’s merely a common sense understanding that INDIVIDUALISM goes both ways, you’re free to express yourself if you want to, but I’m equally able to RESPOND to perceived threats. I’m pretty sure Pierre Poilievre doesn’t know these Diagolon people personally; sure, these Diagolon people might be making jokes, but some jokes are funny because they’re rooted in some truth.

If my wife is being attacked, or if I feel like she’s being attacked, I have to do what’s in my power to protect her; it’s really that simple. These Diagolon people probably have their own opinions of the interaction, which is fine, but this again is why I don’t want to be part of any COLLECTIVST group because if some knuckleheads join the group and these knuckleheads are persuasive in that group, I get stuck being labeled as a member of this group of knuckleheads.

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As a believer of individualism, I’d much rather be my own knucklehead; if I do something boneheaded, I’ll take responsibility for it, but now, all of these “Diagolon” people are going to be put on some RCMP hit list. Their cause, if there ever was one, will now be blended into the extreme elements of their group.

Freedom and Liberty should be the freedom to be one’s own boss; yes, we all can indeed be our own bosses, kings, and queens; in a free society, we’re allowing our individual lights to shine, and if you’re not VIOLENT or wish harm on anyone, your civility will allow you and like-minded people to be in complete harmony.

Violent and uncivil people will ALWAYS be what they are; the government and social engineering can’t change that; individuals who are for peace, freedom, and liberty can indeed INFLUENCE others to be the same; this is not some novel idea; it’s how CHRISTIANITY spread. If you’ve been around most Christians, they don’t have any desire for war or violence; if you meet a Christian who likes war and violence, chances are they’re not really Christian and they’re merely trying to attach themselves to the religion.

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Just like Diagolon, there might be good people in that group, but the bad ones will, ofcourse, ATTACH themselves to that collective to push their own individual agenda. As a believer in individualism, I’m merely making the argument that I don’t care what you call yourself; who are YOU? Let your actions do your talking. I personally would NEVER make a disrespectful joke to anyone’s wife.

When I’m speaking to another man’s wife, especially when I’m in his presence, not only will I be respectful, I’ll make sure to give the man and his wife EQUAL EYE CONTACT, just out of respect. You don’t have to be like me, but there are a lot of CIVILIZED people who take a similar approach that I take when dealing with a woman and her husband.

Why would I risk that type of discomfort for some giggles? That’s what I call extremely LOW IQ thinking. Anyway, I agree with Pierre Poilievre making that decision; you don’t do stupid things like that to ANYONE, it’s just silly and if you’re a CIVILIZED person, even God-fearing, avoid associating yourself with these silly groups that can only complicate your life. I get it; the government of Canada is too Big; I’m in agreement, but a lot of the people reading this are SMART and should notice historically that idiots will always either start or join these groups and use you and your life as their SHIELD!

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Have more love and appreciation for the Live GOD gave you. Spread Love, knowledge, Liberty, and Freedom, and avoid associating yourself with these silly collectivist groups; decentralization works; trust in GOD!

‘No one should face this abuse’: Rape threats about Poilievre’s wife referred to RCMP

Interesting times ahead!