Online Reputation Management Information

In this article i am going to be brutally honest some of things in this article are going to sound wrong but i am writing this article to be truthful and get the information out there. In all things in life my belief is knowledge is power if you lack knowledge or common sense one way or the other people are going to take advantage of you. I use this blog to market information. If there’s an area i’m not sure about i won’t redirect a user or recommend a user do something. I write to bring the information forward i am a capitalist  and in my view for capitalism to exist education is REQUIRED to be brought to the masses. So here it goes if you like or don’t like this article leave me a comment below. it helps me write better thank you.

If you’re running an honest Business Do you Need Online Reputation Management

My thought is NO.But a better question is do you know how an honest business is defined online. An honest business online is usually a website that offers something specific. Does your business deal with something specific or are you selling an ideal or a one stop shop solution. If you don’t offer something targeted or specific or if you don’t specialize in something specific there’s a good chance your going to run into angry customers.

Also when dealing with specifics your company should always deliver. What i’m talking about here is websites that are selling something, if your selling toothbrushes concentrate on toothbrushes do not sell anything but what your target market is looking for, don’t sell toothpaste don’t sell dental floss unless you can fully handle the request of those customers. Each market online needs specialized attention and if you can’t deliver this special attention to these customers in every area of your business don’t offer that service on that website. Keep everything tight and targeted and expand only when you can fully handle the next market.

When your selling something be truthful first and then do the marketing. Don’t market first then be truthful. Meaning you want your customers to know what they are getting themselves into. Your customers should know exactly what they are getting or getting themselves into when they click that payment button. This is so crucial because what this does is it keeps the “hecklers” out. The bottom line is the bigger your business grows the more people there will be that want take your place. They way to deal with these people is to post the information on your front page/ sales page. You would be surprised how fast good word travels when your conducting honest business in ANY industry.

Yes so even if you were selling “Joe’s get rich quick scheme” if you fully explain to the customer what your doing and how it works and the risk level that’s involved you still might find rapid growth on your website and it does happen. Many times people just want to be told the truth. So again i always recommend honesty it saves your companies reputation and it also saves you a lot of time working to protect your companies reputation. When you do this  in my personal opinion you won’t really need a reputation management company. Once your honest you can focus on how to get the word to spread about your business, it’s always worked for me.

If Your Running a Shady Business what should you do? and do you need an Online Reputation Management Company

To date I still don’t understand why people do this because it tends to cost them more in both time and money in the long run none the less if your going to run a shady business be prepared to fight all the way through and definitely look into finding a Reputation Management company. Online the key has always been the search engines. That being said find an Online Reputation management company with a high Alexa ranking. Also make sure you get involved in the forums that correspond to your target audience this again goes back to what i said about specifics, if you don’t have a target or specific audience this will make your task or the task for your Reputation Management company three times as hard.

If your website uses false claims to get the quick sale it’s also a good idea to stick with the Pay Per Click markets, and target areas which are usually typed in by users an example of this would be “social networking” websites most of the people that use these sites don’t use search engines much and tend not research things and if they were to do a search about your company they might find it hard to find a scam report. You just want to have the first page of the search covered with nothing but information about your product or service.

The hardest part has been and always will be the forum’s, forums especially long standing established forums will always be make or break to your case. if your web page is good enough to get the emotions of a person to point where all they need to hear is a one good review in order to buy then a bad comment from a forum won’t do much, but… if your sales page/front page/landing page didn’t do enough to have the prospect in a frame of mind to buy then a forum can easily break whatever hype you might have built.

None the less if your established on the forum and give a good response on why your company is “legit” you may still be able to get the customer. After reading this i hope it’s caused you not to take this route for your business. Because when you get caught scamming people things can get ugly and there’s nothing any Online Reputation company can do do stop it. That’s why in my opinion Online reputation companies are kind of “ify” to me.

In Conclusion

If your running an honest company and you want people to have a squeaky clean image of your business then i’d recommend getting an online reputation company, but if your looking to get one to protect your scam business from being exposed then I would have to say and warn you there’s only so much the reputation company can do as well as be prepared to work hard keep your scam afloat. Personally i find running a scam is something for thrill seekers, i honestly think it’s more about the thrill then it is the money for these people because scams always cost more in the long run, not just money but stress and time. When looking for an Online Management company be sure to check the companies “PR” page rank as well as there alexa rankings. Because if they don’t have there own things in order they obviously wont be able to get your business’s reputation in order.

Please leave me any comments or questions thanks.peace