Is It a Scam

I begin first by saying the site i am discussing in this blog post is the one that is trying to get people to sign up for Now what has been clear to me regarding this and these type of websites is that they want you to sign up for trial offers and capture your credit card information.

I have yet to read any real testimonial from any of these fake news blogs.  I would also like to notify any person reading this blog post that is NOT a real news website blog and infact it’s nothing more than a news “advertorial” blog to back up my claim you can visit for yourself and look at the very top of that webpage. It says in small print “advertorial”. That being said the sole purpose of is to bring you to page that it is obviously affiliated with.

Always read the terms & Conditions.

The main reason why i write these blog post individually is because these fake news websites have terrible terms and conditions. I also have a passion for helping people especially when it comes to making money online.  For myself I know what it feels like to have nothing and be desperate, personally at that time for me i wasn’t thinking straight I started doing things I wouldn’t normally do, I began to get desperate. So i write these posts to hopefully save or help anyone that might be feeling the way i once did.

Now in terms of the terms and conditions before you order the “the risk free kit” for $9.95 offered at make sure read the terms and conditions below i’ve copied a piece of the terms and conditions which can also be found on the order page of the which is the page requesting your credit card information on this page it states the following.

“* I understand that I will be charged $9.95 in Shipping & Handling to receive the kit. I understand that I will be granted a 14-day grace period in which to review this material and choose to keep the kit or to return it. If I do not return the kit to the seller within 14 days, I will be charged an additional $39.95 on my credit card to cover the full price of the materials. If I return the kit within 14 days, I will not be charged the additional $39.95, however, I will not receive a refund of the $9.95 for Shipping and Handling. I understand that I may request a refund of $39.95 upon the return of the entire kit to the seller for up to 90 days after I receive it, however, the Shipping & Handling charge of $9.95 will not be refunded.”

I have to  be honest and say i’ve seen worse but non the less be where when signing up for trial offers. Always read the terms and conditions. in terms of what i suspect they might send you. I think it’s going to be one of those things where they sell you something to make you buy something else.  I am not confirming this is what will happening but i’ve been around the block online and 9 times out of 10 this is the case. How i come by my conclusion is a good money making program online always tells you EXACTLY what you will be getting on the front sales page. If you notice at they don’t do that they just use words to make curious.

None the less if you want to give it a try don’t let me stop you.

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