Review – Is it a scam? is the online home of Online Sweepstakes. It’s a website that provides information about the available sweepstakes in United States, Canada, and more. According to creators of this website, the aim of the database is to help you navigate the world of sweepstakes so you will be aware of the opportunities that let you win good stuff.

More about Online Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is a form of a game usually tied to product purchased. Many companies use this strategy as part of their marketing campaign. FCC and FTC have changed the laws regarding sweepstakes, requiring companies who are doing this to drop the purchases required to play this game.

Online Sweepstakes act as a database of available sweepstakes in United States, Canada, and other areas. What visitors can find in the website are available sweepstakes in a specific country, its expiration, and the entry of frequency allowed. Visitors of the site can also filter results by the type of game they wanted to play.

Final thoughts on

Laws may have been changed regarding sweepstakes but there are companies who are using this as an opportunity to capture people’s contact information. It can get annoying especially if you’ll be receiving calls or emails, depending on the number of games you sign up with. If you’re still interested in these opportunities, it’s best to sign upusing an email address that’s different from your personal email.

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